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Morello – A Transport Cart Manufacturer Operating Around The Globe

The Morello company, based in Turin in the north-west of Italy, has an interesting story to tell of international development and working with global corporations. With a strong track record of solving heavy load handling challenges across a variety of industrial sectors, now in 2020 Morello has started to accelerate its development geographically in many international markets.

Morello produces tailor made material handling carts for moving heavy loads of up to 1000 tons. Today over 60% of Morello’s business is international.

As a transport cart manufacturer for handling heavy loads Morello must be able to guarantee extreme quality, focused problem solving, advanced technologies and complex project management capabilities. Today global corporations such as Samsung, Siemens, General Electric, Tenaris, ABB, Saipem, Alstom, ArcelorMittal, Toyota, Hyundai, SKF and many others are using Morello material handling carts in their operations across many countries and continents.

The company now boasts a client base of multinational and national corporations who have chosen Morello as a reliable, well organised, certified manufacturer with an engineering team capable of offering the most advanced technologies in the world for material handling carts.

International Service Capabilities

Morello’s original core business was developed in Italy before expanding into nearby European markets such as France, Germany, Spain, UK. Morello material handling carts are now being used in plant operations across almost 20 different industries around the world each with their own particular operational requirements.

Today the company is present in the USA with its technical-commercial partner Prella Technologies and has supplied material handling carts to various industries. The competitive advantage which Morello offers its clients is based on its advanced technologies, industrial sector experience and strict quality control and project management procedures. This overcomes any possible logistics barriers as US clients choose to work with a highly qualified and advanced supply partner. Poland is another example of successful market development where Morello has partnered with TransTechnik, a company which specialises in transport solutions for manufacturing plants in different industries.

As a further indication of its international expansion Morello material handling carts are also present in Asian and Middle Eastern markets in the operations of power and energy industry companies.

Remote and Local support

In order to provide real time technical support across international markets Morello operates in partnership with its network of technical-commercial partners in key markets. In addition, all Morello material handling carts can be equipped with on-board remote assistance technology. This allows Morello to provide immediate expert support and advanced diagnostics. There is also the option to provide continuous remote monitoring of all equipment in order to monitor all vehicle performance parameters and plan preventive maintenance.

Morello’s International Presence

Morello has strong international reach and capacity to serve clients around the globe. The following examples illustrate where Morello material handling carts are being operated both in industrial sectors and international markets.

Oil & Gas sector: USA, Australia, Malaysia  France, UK, Russia, Nigeria, Angola. ATEX carts are often supplied for use in these environments.

Nuclear Power Plants: Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, UK, both for existing power plants and decommissioning projects.

Wind Energy Projects: France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, China, India. Some of the largest wind turbine equipment has been handled using Morello transport carts.

Automotive industry: from Mexico to USA across all European markets to Eastern Europe and exploring new opportunities in India. Often used as die carts within the auto industry.

Steel Industry: To handle heavy steel plate, coil and tube there are many Morello carts in use across

the Middle East and Turkey, USA and Mexico, Russia and Eastern Europe and all Western European


Power Generation: For handling large transformers, turbines, chillers and other equipment in USA, India, almost all European countries, Middle East and with new markets opening up.

Construction Projects: A key Tunnelling project in UK, movement of Prefabricated Cement

Constructions and other large scale building works.

Morello has also manufactured tailor-made material handling carts for special applications in the following sectors: Defence, Shipbuilding, Chemical, asphalt mixing plants, large valves, large radiators across different geographic markets.            


Morello Client Engagement Team:  Amedeo Morello, Luca Tibaldi, Stefano Rizzo

We look forward to welcoming you!

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