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Steel Manufacturing

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Morello's solutions for the Steel Industry

Morello understands the unique demands of the steel industry and boasts years of experience in supplying heavy-duty carts for various applications, products, and processes. We are well aware of the often harsh and challenging environments in which these operations take place.

Unlike many other industries, metal processing involves extreme conditions and temperatures, as well as the presence of fumes, vapours, dust, and fibres in the atmosphere. Additionally, there is the handling of hot liquid metals on the production floor. All these factors pose inherent risks that must be effectively managed and controlled when moving heavy steel materials. Reliability and precision in challenging conditions are the defining characteristics of our heavy-duty industrial trucks in the steel manufacturing sector.

Over the years, Morello has provided top-quality material handling equipment to steel companies worldwide, including the USA, Mexico, Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and many others. Our international customers value the quality, reliability, and adaptability of our products, designed specifically for the rigorous conditions of steel production.

We invite you to get in touch with our experts to learn more about our tailor-made carts for the transportation of heavy loads within the steel industry. Our team is at your disposal to address your specific needs and identify the best solution for your requirements.

Rely on Morello to enhance the efficiency and safety of the transportation processes within your steel industry.

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