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Heavy Duty Factory Intralogistics

Custom Designed Transfer Carts – from standard transfer trollies to advanced automation, AGV solutions, and sustainable technologies.
Supplying heavy material handling technology to global industry sectors since 1946.

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We design and manufacture transfer carts, AGV’s and smart handling equipment – up to 1000 t loads

Morello is a leading global manufacturer of wheel-based machinery for moving heavy industrial loads internally within the perimeters of industrial plants all over the world.
We supply vehicles and machinery, standard or custom-designed, to move extremely heavy equipment or semi-finished goods from a basic 500 kg weight up to extreme loads of 1000 t.
Electric transfer carts, operator controlled or completely automated, on wheels or rail, electric or diesel, heavy duty pallet trucks, trailers, tilters, rolltrailers and transfer carts for EX hazardous areas are among the main products which Morello designs and manufactures for its clients worldwide.


Morello Engineering, Design And Smart Technology Applied To Heavy Load Material Handling

The Morello brand is present in industrial plants all over the world and is a guarantee of quality engineering, industrial design, and operational excellence.
Based in Turin, north-west Italy, Morello has over 75 years’ experience in solving the challenges of moving heavy duty loads within industrial plants. Thanks to our skilled design and manufacturing teams specialised in mechanics, steel carpentry, hydraulics, electronics and pneumatics we deliver state of the art machinery solutions to our clients worldwide.

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Blending over decades of experience and customization expertise we represent excellence in design and manufacturing of tailored transport carts since 1946.  We pay particular attention to customer needs, offering both standard and customized solutions for platform cart design solving material handling requirements of any scale and complexity.

MORELLO Company designs and manufactures a wide range of battery motorised trolleys, diesel self-propelled trailers, transport carts, industrial trailers, tilters, upenders and lifting platforms covering several industrial sectors: metallurgy, oil and gas, shipyards, automotive, aerospace, power generation, paper mills, metalworking and more.

Our material handling carts ensure excellence in terms of customization, performance, materials and safety representing best practices of tailored design and Made in Italy quality.

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Danieli & c. officine meccaniche spa

“Their 130 ton capacity automatic Transfer Carts allowed us to offer our customer a very smart solution for an automatic steel slabs warehouse. Morello’s software engineers were crucial to the success of the project!”


“Morello battery powered transporters are the best way to move our press moulds of up to 65 tons around the plant.”


“We had very specific needs, such as a very low loading deck and lifting function, and had to move over 60 tons. Thanks to Morello’s heavy load transpallet, we solved our handling problems!”

Fincantieri USA

“We’re extremely satisfied with Morello’s electric SPMT! With their battery powered omnidirectional cart our operations are safer and completely green! The Morello team was very professional and helpful and their service in USA is very efficient!”


“We chose Morello battery driven trolleys for lower maintenance, greater safety, and efficiency in our material handling, and we are very satisfied with the results.”

Hyundai steel

“Our battery powered flatbed trolley is the perfect solution for moving our heavy loads of up to 40 tons in a safe and extremely flexible way!”


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