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How to Optimize Heavy Load Handling

Optimizing heavy loads transport


Safety in Heavy Load Handling

Handling heavy loads in the manufacturing industry is an operation that involves significant risks for worker safety. The use of machines that involve suspended loads, as well as the use of old, uncertified, or homemade equipment, can significantly increase these risks. Falling heavy loads not only endanger workers’ lives but can also cause significant damage to facilities and materials themselves.


Costs of Heavy Load Handling

Operations involving heavy load handling can be very costly. This is because they require long times and large spaces, in addition to the need to use multiple means to complete the transport. Inefficiency in handling can lead to production delays and, consequently, economic losses.


Risks to Materials

In addition to the risks to worker safety, improper handling of heavy loads can cause damage to the materials themselves. The weight and size of heavy loads require specialized equipment to ensure they are handled without causing damage. Using unsuitable equipment can lead to material damage, increasing production costs and causing delays.


The Solution: Using Specialized Machinery

To avoid these problems, it is essential to use machinery specifically designed for heavy load handling. These machines not only increase safety but also allow for the optimization of space and working times. Morello’s battery-powered self-propelled vehicles represent an excellent solution for these needs.


Morello Transport Carts

Morello battery-powered transport carts are one of the best solutions for handling large loads. These carts are extremely safe, eliminating the risk of suspended loads and ensuring maximum stability during transport. Their ability to move freely on any type of terrain and the different types of steering available allow them to operate even in tight spaces.

Advantages of Morello Transport Carts:

  • Handling Safety: Thanks to the offered stability, absence of suspended loads, and specific risk analyses carried out for each machine, accident risks are minimized.
  • Material Handling Savings: Their extreme operational flexibility in any type of environment and the ability to lift the loading platform reduce the need for other means, such as overhead cranes, self-propelled cranes, and other impractical means.
  • Intralogistics Costs: The speed and efficiency of handling reduce downtime and associated costs.
  • Optimization of Heavy Material Handling: The versatility and adaptability of the carts allow for the optimization of space and time used in operations.


Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)

To further optimize operations in terms of both safety and costs, Morello offers automatic guided vehicles (AGV). These carts are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to operate autonomously, further reducing the risk of human errors and increasing operational efficiency.

Advantages of Morello AGVs:

  • Safety: Integrated safety laser scanners allow for the detection and avoidance of obstacles autonomously.
  • Efficiency: AGVs can operate 24/7 without the need for breaks, increasing productivity.
  • Cost Reduction: The reduction in the need for labor and the increase in operational efficiency lead to significant cost reduction.


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