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Moving Long Heavy Oversized Objects

Large mechanical component supported by a yellow and blue automated transport vehicle with the inscription 'MORELLO' and the capacity symbol 'WLL 110t', inside an industrial hall.

How do companies move oversized loads in a factory environment?

Moving oversized objects of 10 metres (33 ft) to 100 metres (330 ft), and which can weigh from 10 tons (20,000 lbs) to 100 tons (200,000 lbs) is a big challenge. Too risky for normal moving equipment and too long and unstable to hang from a gantry crane. To move oversized materials while minimising risk of damage to the product, materials, infrastructure and of course people requires specialist equipment and support.

There are many industries which face this challenge: wind power; construction; pre-cast materials; steel sector; railways and others.



Morello is an expert in custom designing in-plant moving equipment exactly for this task. Based on over 75 years’ experience in the industry, Morello supplies electric, wheel based, transfer carts to top industrial corporations all over the world.

These vehicles are highly robust and resilient, used in some of the most extreme working conditions such as oil rigs, marine environments, steelworks, nuclear facilities but also in cleaner manufacturing environments such as the auto industry, power generation and railways.



What is the challenge of moving over-sized loads?

Length: 10m to 100m. A 100m load is extremely long! But length is relative. A 10-15m long load can also be a challenge in the context of some factory environments. It depends on the ‘normally available’ moving equipment available and the level of safety it guarantees.

Weight: from 10 to 100 tons or more. Add an extremely heavy weight factor into the equation and the challenge increases.

Materials: the characteristics of the materials involved is another factor, they may flex slightly, or they may be totally rigid, and this must be built into the calculations. Is there also a fragility factor to be considered?



Let’s have a look at two projects which effectively illustrate these solutions.

Long and Flexible:

In the specific case of moving 100m long wind turbine blades the solution was not one trolley, but two. Two synchronised modular transfer carts working in tandem. The carts communicated with each other using their own wi-fi network to synchronise speed, acceleration, braking and steering positions of the individual wheels. A newly developed software programme was installed to synchronise the movement as there was no rigid structure between the two carts, which operated at a distance of 80m from each other! This was a unique development.

The battery powered vehicles with electric traction and steering ensured a completely green, environmentally friendly operational solution. This technology also ensures lower energy consumption and extremely low maintenance costs for a very cost-effective end result.

Long and Rigid:

In another case of moving large pre-cast concrete panels of over 12 metres (40 feet) in length and weighing over 60 tons (130,000 lbs) a 12m long transfer cart was developed. The concrete panels were to be transported on A-frame steel pallet structures and had to operate both inside and outside the plant.

To move the 60 ton (130,000 lbs) concrete panels an OMNI trolley is positioned beneath the steel pallet using a remote-control device. The trolley is raised a few inches off the ground lifting the A-frame steel pallet on which the concrete panels are loaded and which is then moved by remote control to its new location.

The on-board technologies involved are chosen depending on the clients operating requirements.

Power autonomy: depending on the working cycles, for how long the heavy duty industrial carts must work continuously. Today’s lithium battery technology provides excellent solutions.

Steering and Suspension: depending on the working environment, the space constraints and flooring conditions, and working inside/outside.

Software: 100% Morello proprietary software developed over many years of experience with industrial applications.

Operator Command and Control Options: hand-held remote control, Cable-connected pendant device control, on-board driving are some of the options to be considered.

Yellow and black mechanical mule for transporting precast concrete slabs, supported by a gray metal structure, in an industrial plant



Specific use cases related to the in-plant movement of oversized and heavy loads are available on our website.


Long Wind Turbines:

Long Precast Concrete:

Long railway carriages:




Morello machines have a long life span but our clients like to know we are ready to support them whenever required.

The initial commissioning stage through to ongoing software support and, if required, hardware and mechanical support is managed internally by the Morello team. Remote Assistance, real-time machine monitoring, on-site technical support, directly or through one of our technical support partners are all available to clients.

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