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Research & Development at MORELLO​

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Each year, MORELLO invests significant resources in research and development. Keeping pace with new technologies and building these into our products is a continuous process.

MORELLO has built a global reputation based on solid engineering skills. The application of new advanced technologies to our clients custom-build projects requires analysis, planning and experience and is a strategic priority for the MORELLO engineering team.

Applying New Technologies

To maintain its leadership position and reputation MORELLO has great experience in applying new technologies and performance standards to its custom-built machinery. The challenge is to know how and when to apply a specific technology to ensure 100% reliability and safety in the context of heavy-duty industrial applications. MORELLO has developed great expertise in this area over many decades. In fact, MORELLO’s technology timeline has progressed consistently and strongly since the company’s foundation in Italy in the 1940’s.

Productivity And Cost​

MORELLO’s Technical Project Office is at the forefront of all new developments. The team is composed of engineers covering different fields from mechanical to electrical to software engineering among others. As our clients push for greater productivity and safety standards within tight cost constraints MORELLO must respond to the challenge. Our clients’ challenges motivate us to develop our technology on a continuous basis. Given the extremely customised nature of our machinery we respond by focusing on new developments, new components, new sustainable solutions and new productivity standards on a weekly and monthly basis.

R&D Focus & Commitment

MORELLO is committed to investing resources in a number of technology areas:

– AGV’s and Automated material handling

Automation has always been the key driver of productivity. Depending on certain client project criteria, automated solutions deliver significant client benefits. MORELLO is equipped to deliver full automation solutions, analysing the client’s work environment and proposing a suitable automation project. MORELLO has numerous success stories to share where its proprietary software and on-board technology have delivered excellent client value.


– Green energy: electric traction motors, latest generation battery power and hydrogen power

All manufacturing companies are driving towards greener solutions. The future factory environment will move to zero emissions. MORELLO has built our machinery strategy around eliminating emissions and delivering 100% green solutions. The latest development projects are focusing on hydrogen power and the benefits this will provide.

– Latest Safety Technologies

Reducing accidents and eliminating operator errors is a priority for MORELLO. Applying the latest sensor technology is of critical importance. The objective is zero damage to both people and infrastructure and MORELLO is at the forefront of driving towards higher safety standards.

– IoT and Industry 4.0

Connected machinery and data management is at the centre of MORELLO’s new developments. The application of smart technologies and the integration of MORELLO’s solutions into a client’s digital transformation process is a normal part of client project development. The benefits are numerous and come in the form of remote assistance or an AGV client project or improved machine productivity data, just a few examples.


R&D - at the heart of MORELLO

MORELLO has research, development and new technologies in its DNA. From the very beginning the company was founded based on engineering excellence. Today the new MORELLO generation is ensuring that, at the heart of the company’s success, New Technology Developments remain a priority and will ensure an even stronger global position and reputation going forward.