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Electric trucks


Heavy-duty electric platform trucks and trolleys for battery-powered or hybrid material handling


One of Morello’s core areas of expertise lies in the design and manufacturing of unique electric platform truck models with battery or hybrid-powered engines tailored to individual projects and specific operational needs. Customized electric trucks for handling large, heavy and non-standard cargo on-site are an ideal fit for manufacturing companies worldwide.
The issue of pollution caused by diesel vehicles is steadily growing, leading to a significant trend toward oversight and even prohibition of on-site material handling, both indoors in warehouses and outdoors within industrial areas. In line with modern requirements, Morello’s portfolio offers a wide range of heavy-duty platform trucks and trolleys in fully electric (battery-powered) or hybrid solutions.

Electrci Trucks principale


Battery-powered ride-on transporters use traction based on alternating current electric motors, employing PLC management and the latest generation inverters powered by one or more batteries mounted on electric lorries.

Key advantages of a fully electric flatbed transporter over a diesel counterpart include:

  • Complete absence of pollution (allowing flexible use both indoors and outdoors)
  • Significant cost savings in consumption compared to diesel
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Extended vehicle lifespan (electric motor replacement is straightforward and cost-effective)
  • Substantial reduction in noise pollution
  • Potential for automation.

Battery types in our heavy-duty electric platform trucks range from classic lead-acid batteries to the latest generation of lithium batteries.

The use of lithium batteries, in particular, has led to the widespread adoption of battery-powered trucks. With fast charging times (as short as an hour with advanced lithium-ion cells) and the option for quick “top-up” charging (similar to bottle feeding), these batteries have made it possible for battery-powered coil trucks to handle demanding work cycles that do not allow for extended charging breaks. By carefully sizing the batteries and planning recharging breaks and replacements, material handling electric trucks can operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hybrid systems offer an exceptionally flexible solution for electric platform trucks, combining the pollution-free advantages of battery operation with the autonomy of a diesel vehicle. Morello’s hybrid ride-on transporters can operate on battery power alone or with the diesel engine, providing operators the ability to switch between battery power (completely emission-free) and diesel power with a simple selector switch. This flexibility proves valuable for tasks that involve both indoor and outdoor operations, providing extensive autonomy that would be challenging to achieve with a battery-only solution.

Morello’s electric flatbed transporters are equipped with alternating current electric traction motors managed by a PLC and inverter, ensuring low maintenance and high reliability, which are defining features of Morello’s production. These electric platform trucks provide an excellent alternative to hydraulic motors, with their high maintenance costs, environmental concerns, high consumption, and lower reliability.

Morello’s extensive expertise allows for the design and manufacturing of material handling trucks tailored to customers’ needs, with customization available in nearly every aspect. Customization options are often required for holding molds and coils, necessitating trucks with saddles suitable for the transport of coils or reinforced frames for the concentration of mold loads.

In addition to trucks designed for coil and mold transportation, Morello offers material handling electric trucks for various industries, including steel mills, foundries, aerospace, nuclear, energy, aluminium, oil & gas sectors, and others requiring on-site and heavy-duty transportation.

Morello’s electric platform trucks, equipped with PLCs, inverters, and electronic sensors, are perfectly suited for complete automation of industrial material handling. On request, our heavy-duty electric trucks can be supplied in AGV version and prepared for future automation.

Technical characteristics

from 1 ton to 1000 tons
on request
Steering systems
front axle (all axles or omnidirectional on request)
See the technology
Power supply
battery (diesel generator, hybrid or hydrogen on request)
See the technology
Travel speed
on request (from 3 km/h to over 15 km/h)
Drive motors
AC motors (hydraulic motors on request)
See the technology
Steering motors
AC motors (hydraulic motors on request)
See the technology
See the technology
Kind of wheels
solid rubber, pneumatic, polyurethane
Lifting deck
on request (lifting stroke from 50 mm)
Kind of battery
lead acid, gel, lithium, pure lead
Battery life
on request (from 1500 m to over 15000 m)
Climbing ability
on request (from 2% to over 20%)
Operating environment
indoor, outdoor, offshore
Safety devices
laser scanners, sensitive bumpers, ultrasonic sensors
See the technology
Industry 4.0 ready
on request
See the technology
Hazardous areas conform (EX)
on request (ATEX, IECEx, NEC 500)
See the technology
Automatic version – AGV
on request
See the technology

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