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How to move heavy metals, steel plate, coil and beams

Heavy duty car moving steel coils


Working with the steel industry for decades, Morello understands the requirements of steel foundries, fabricators and processors. With years of experience supplying heavy duty carts for moving heavy metals for different applications Morello knows the often-extreme environment in which these operations must be conducted.

Morello has provided material handling equipment to move steel plate, steel coils and beams to companies in the steel industry right across the world including USA, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe, Middle East and more.

The processing and handling of metals requires safe and secure procedures for working in often extreme conditions and temperatures, fumes and vapours, with dust and fibres in the atmosphere and in the case of foundries, the movement of hot liquid metals on the production floor. These are all factors which must be considered when choosing handling equipment for loads from 10t up to many hundreds of tons.

According to steel industry experts there are 5 significant steel supply chain issues:

Unsecured Material Handling, Material shortages, Keeping up with demand, Rising costs and Improper Logistics Plans. The first one is Morello’s area of expertise!

Steel is loaded, moved, and unloaded in factories around the world every day. Accidents happen. They involve the mechanical handling of loads, falling from vehicles, etc. The vehicle moving steel coil or plate must be safe and designed to carry the load.

Structural integrity, decarbonised operations, safety first, operational efficiency are all keywords when it comes to factory productivity and profitability.

With over 75 years’ experience in the industry, Morello is an expert in supplying electric, wheel based, transfer equipment to top steel corporations all over the world.

So, more specifically, what type of solutions does Morello propose for moving steel coil, plate, bars, cord, scrap metals and more.

As Experts in steel intralogistics, Morello custom designs moving equipment based on the characteristics of the manufacturing plant, the working environment and the product to be moved.

Some of the custom designed product solutions we propose are as follows:

  • SGAI: battery powered platform carts, wheel based, remote controlled
  • OMNI: similar to the SGAI, with multi-directional steering and a unique all-wheel drive and hydraulic compensation system.
  • AGV: similar to the above carts, while operating in complete autonomy without operator, integrated into a client’s production process.
  • RAIL RGV: similar to above with rail guidance for when production cycle requirements are standard, frequent, with fixed routes.

In order to provide a low-risk, logistically efficient, environmentally sustainable solution Morello designs transfer cart solutions using the latest lithium battery technology, with factory decarbonisation benefits, eliminating noise and air pollution and creating an eco-friendly workplace.

The data collection phase is followed by the project design phase, and allows the Morello design engineering team to propose a solution which will satisfy all the clients operating requirements.


Steel Coil in Mexico

In the case of a steel coil manufacturing plant in Mexico, moving steel coils within the plant involved loading, transferring, and unloading. This is obviously a standard requirement for steel plants of this type and the equipment used is a ‘coil car’. Integrating the coil car’s software into the plant’s operating system gives huge operating efficiencies. Saddle rests on the coil cars hold the steel coils secure, in this case for loads up to 35 tons.


Steel Tube in Texas

In the case of a steel tube manufacturing plant in Texas, USA, a system was required to move SRM mill stands, used for the production of seamless pipes. Up to 6 SRM mill stands had to be moved simultaneously, with loads of up to 65 tons. The equipment had to be moved in two directions both parallel to and perpendicular to the SRM rolling mill. Morello designed a heavy-duty trolley system with 6 rail carts to move one or more SRM mill stands to their required positions, parallel to the rolling mill. An RFID transponder informed the rail cart at which mill stand it should stop.

Steel Foundries worldwide

For steel foundries, Morello is among the top companies in the world for producing Steel Scrap Bucket Carts with electric motors powered by the latest generation lithium batteries. To decarbonise steel foundry operations these carts are pollution free and can operate 24/7 for 365 days per year thanks to lithium battery technology, fast automatic recharging and the recharging management software.

The Morello website gives you the opportunity to view these and other specific use cases related to the in-plant logistics of steel products and the clients who have chosen Morello as a trusted equipment supplier to move steel plate, coil, beams and more.

Electric Steel Scrap Bucket Carts

Steel Coil Cars

Steel Foundry

Steel Tube Manufacturing



Morello machines have a long life span but our clients like to know we are ready to support them whenever required.

The initial commissioning stage through to ongoing software support and, if required, hardware and mechanical support is managed internally by the Morello team. Remote Assistance, real-time machine monitoring, on-site technical support, directly or through one of our technical support partners are all available to clients.

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