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Industry 4.0 and Automation

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Industry 4.0 and Automation

Industry 4.0  is the automation and digital transformation of existing manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technologies.

Connected machines collect a tremendous volume of data which can support maintenance and performance. The data analysis can identify patterns and insights that would be impossible for a human to perform in real-time. As a result, the application of Industry 4.0 technologies allows us to support our clients in optimising their operations, monitoring our equipment performance and providing a smart expert service to any location on any continent, worldwide.


Many of our machines are fitted with specific devices which, using a SIM or via WiFi, connect our self-propelled vehicles to the internet or to the customer’s network.

The connection to the customer’s network allows our self-propelled vehicles to communicate with the customer’s IT management systems and with other machines and equipment. In this way our machines are integrated into the client’s production and logistics factory processes. This allows for complete process automation, as well as simple and fast diagnostics, and important data collection for efficient process analysis.

The internet connection allows us to connect with and remotely operate on our self-propelled vehicles. For example, to install software updates or to support the client in real time in the rare case of malfunctions. We can also automatically monitor and store the performance parameters of on-board components (batteries, motors, PLC, etc …) in order to identify any possible malfunctions in advance, and/or the aging and state of the components.

Remote assistance

In order to provide immediate assistance to our clients we are able to connect to our machines remotely. As mentioned above, we can mount devices on board all our machines to connect the machine to the internet, thus enabling our support staff to connect to the machine directly from our offices in real-time. In this way we can assess and diagnose the reasons for any anomalies and most issues can thus be resolved efficiently and rapidly.

We can in fact, intervene directly on our machine software, which, thanks to its diagnostic tools, allows us to understand what the problem may be. If it is necessary to operate on the machine, we can remotely guide and instruct the client’s technical staff step by step.

In recent years we have rapidly and efficiently solved malfunctions, directly from our offices, all over the world: in India, China, USA, Nigeria, throughout Europe, Australia and many other countries.


AGV Carts manufactured by MORELLO are custom-built automated vehicles, designed to specifications agreed with the client and with an extremely high load capacity: from 3÷4 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes. The technologies and resulting benefits related to AGV’s are part of the Industry 4.0 transformation in all respects.

A MORELLO AGV is a computer controlled, driverless vehicle for transporting heavy loads, with automatic self-loading/unloading capabilities if required. The AGV is pre-programmed, moves autonomously without the presence of an operator, within factories and warehouses, in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is effectively an online robot which can respond in real time to frequent changes in production operations and absorb the impact of real time decision making.

The multiple benefits from evolving to AGV operations include reduced labour and staffing costs, increased safety, asset damage reduction, increased accuracy and traceability, ideally suited for high-risk environments, greater precision and productivity.

MORELLO sees great benefits for operations within many different manufacturing industries such as the steel industry for moving tubing, coil and plate, the automotive industry, power generation, shipbuilding and many more.