Giving Customized and highly Innovative Solutions to Our customers

Since 1946 MORELLO Company has been part of the world of transfer trolley manufacturers to solve problems related to the transportation and handling of heavy materials inside of any type of industry.

Placed in a geographic area that since the end of XIX century has seen a huge development of the most advanced technologies in the world, MORELLO Company has acquired and implemented in its products the best ideas arisen from this technological environment, thanks to the strong will and passion of its employees, specialized in mechanics, carpentry, hydraulics, electronics and pneumatics.

At the constant service of its Customers, MORELLO Company offers both standard solutions and customized solutions, specifically conceived to solve specific and complex handling needs: to this aim, MORELLO Company is equipped with the most up-to-date information technology systems.


MORELLO Company manufactures a wide range of trucks, industrial trailers and powered material handling carts that operate in several fields: shipyards, iron, metallurgy, automotive, paper mills, chemical plants, energetic, aeronautic, aerospace industries, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, MORELLO Company plans and builds lifting platforms, tilters and material handling equipment, all of them especially studied to meet the Customer’s specific production flow.

The heterogeneity of the industrial sectors in which it operates, enabled MORELLO Company to acquire, over the years, a large experience in every type of operation, making it the perfect partner to overcome the materials’ handing problems even in the most critical environments.

comp-img-2The design flexibility, both commercial and administrative and the great know-how at its disposal, led the MORELLO Company to work successfully for markets all over the world, both by engineering companies and plant and directly to manufacturers spread across all five continents.

MORELLO Company’s flexibility, both from a commercial point of view and from a technical perspective, combined with the great know-how at its disposal, led MORELLO Company to work successfully for markets all over the world with engineering companies and manufacturers spread across all five continents.