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About Morello

Founded in 1946, MORELLO is a leading global manufacturer and industrial designer of custom-built heavy duty transfer equipment: platform carts, transfer trolleys, AGV, industrial trailers, tilters, special material handling equipment and more. The company has developed its reputation as a reliable, innovative and trustworthy supplier among global transfer trolley manufacturers over the decades in order to satisfy the needs of international corporations.

Located in Turin, in the north-west part of Italy close to the Alps, MORELLO has developed the engineering skills required to design and produce advanced industrial equipment. Turin is the centre of the Italian automotive industry, which also includes heavy goods and off-road vehicles, and MORELLO has benefited from the regional knowledge and the available skill base. The local technology environment has seen huge technological advances over the years and MORELLO has likewise benefited from the growth and progress occurred at regional level.

The challenge represented by industrial handling and transport products weighing hundreds of tons in industrial plants and environments requires great experience and engineering know-how. MORELLO specialises in solving all the in-plant logistic challenges of its clients according to all required safety standards and certification.


As a family-owned company, passing from one generation of engineers to the next one, there is great passion and pride in the progress the company has made. MORELLO family continues to invest in R&D and believes that being a global player requires a strong skill base and investment in the newest technologies. The technical and commercial teams always focused on the project are crucial to MORELLO’s success because they are capable of understanding and addressing clients’ industrial challenges across a range of different industries. The engineering teams have specialised in mechanics, steel carpentry, hydraulics, electronics, pneumatics and IT.


MORELLO manufactures both standard solutions and customised solutions in order to meet specific and complex handling needs. These solutions include a wide range of trucks, industrial trailers and powered material handling carts which operate across multiple industries: shipyards, steel and automotive industry, chemical plants, oil and gas, defence sector, railways, renewable energies, aerospace industry and many more.
Serving the leading companies in these industries requires complex project management, technical documentation, after-sales technical support and certified quality systems. MORELLO can provide all the above-mentioned support and respond to specific corporate procurement requests as required. Our international client base includes many of the worldwide largest industrial manufacturing corporations who use MORELLO’s material handling equipment during their daily operations.


MORELLO supports its clients in offering technologies which minimise or eliminate carbon emissions, different forms of pollution and utilise the cleanest energy sources possible. Large corporations have specific CSR and Sustainability objectives and goals to achieve and MORELLO’s solutions contribute to the achievement of CSR goals.

Mission & Vision

We are proud of our long company history and our extensive industrial design and engineering experience. Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Turin, Italy, in the heart of Italy’s automotive and heavy vehicle manufacturing industry. Our Mission and our Vision are aligned to the value we aim to deliver to our clients all over the world.

Morello’s Mission: To deliver world leading on-floor heavy material handling technology to international industries.

Morello’s Vision: To create logistically efficient factories, using safer, environmentally friendly, smart technology and equipment to move heavy loads.