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Morello’s Solutions for Railway Sector

Morello designs and produces various solutions for the movement of heavy loads, such as locomotives, carriages, bogies, axles, and other components for railway industry. During the manufacturing process, or for maintenance operations, the operational benefits that derive from the use of Morello’s heavy-duty transfer carts refer to a cost reduction, a better operational flexibility and a higher level of safety, thanks to Morello’s cutting-edge on-board technologies.

Production processes and operational requirements vary according to the characteristics of each plant and Morello will be able to design the perfect solution in order to optimize your specific process. Morello’s trolleys and carts can be equipped with rubber wheels or can run along rails with various degrees of on-board automation.

Contact our experts and learn more about the technical characteristics of our heavy-duty carts and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) for railway industry.

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