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Power Transformers

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Morello’s solutions for the Industry of Power Transformers

Handling and transporting power transformers, both finished and semi-finished products, within a manufacturing plant can pose significant challenges. Morello has extensive experience in managing heavy and oversized loads and has, over the years, offered various models of heavy-duty carts and flatbed transporter trucks for the transportation of large power transformers (LPT). These challenges include limited space for maneuvering, maximizing production efficiency, lifting processes without the need for overhead cranes, maneuvering both inside and outside the plant, and strict adherence to safety regulations.

By introducing heavy-load handling vehicles designed for power transformers, we are reaching a new milestone in industrial logistics for these critical components. These self-propelled trolleys provide unmatched autonomy and flexibility, particularly crucial when dealing with the transportation of exceptionally heavy loads like power transformers. This advancement not only ensures the safety and efficiency of logistics but also contributes to reducing production downtimes and enhancing overall operational productivity.

Contact our experts and learn more about the technical specifications of our heavy-duty carts and flatbed transporter trucks designed for moving heavy power transformers.

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