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Morello’s heavy duty carts Customised Solutions for Industry

Morello is a heavy duty carts manufacturer, with a growing global business covering 30 international markets. Morello produces customised material handling equipment for moving heavy loads up to and over 1000 tonnes.

A cornerstone of Morello’s success is the ability to offer its clients customised material handling solutions, 100% designed and manufactured in its factory in Turin, Italy.

Morello can offer a complete catalogue standard range of heavy duty trolleys for multiple industrial uses. Why then does 90% of its business come from custom designed heavy duty carts and trolleys?

The reason is this. Each industrial manufacturing client has specific objectives to achieve. That is, they have both company KPIs and project KPIs. When Morello discusses a project with a client there is a clear Client Problem Solving process followed during which all the client‘s KPIs are identified and evaluated.

client project solving graph
Modular trolleys moving railway carriages

The client KPIs cover many different aspects of the project areas and as an example often include the following criteria among others:

Client poroject KPIs graph
Battery powered wind turbine blades transporter


The success of the final solution and project outcome then relates to a combination of factors which combine the Client Problem Solving process, Morello’s Complex Project Management capabilities, decades of experience covering Multiple Industries, and finally Morello’s ability to propose and deliver Advanced Smart Technologies.

Morello customised solutions graph
Power transformers bushings mover

When professionally evaluated in this way each client’s project requirements are different from the next. The project KPIs change, the factory environments change, the personnel factors change, the product loads change and so on. Combining these 4 factors together is critical to a successful outcome.

The result is that the best solution is, in 90% of cases, a Morello Customised Solution!

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Morello Client Engagement Team:  Amedeo Morello, Luca Tibaldi, Stefano Rizzo

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