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Precast Concrete

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Morello’s Solutions for Precast Concrete Sector

Precast concrete structures are produced by pouring concrete into a reusable mould. Then it dries in a controlled environment, and finally is transported to the construction site for the final assembly. Precast concrete structures can reach a significant weight and need to be transported and moved both inside the production plant and the construction site. Morello has a great experience in the supply of heavy-duty industrial carts for the manufacturers of precast concrete structures, helping to improve the productivity and efficiency of important international projects.

In Europe, USA, UK and in the Middle East, Morello’s heavy-duty platform carts have been used for moving and transporting both extremely large precast concrete girders and smaller and more compact elements inside production plants and construction sites.

Contact our experts and learn more about the technical characteristics of our heavy-duty carts to transport the elements that constitute precast concrete structures inside production plants or construction sites

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