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Power supply and motors technology

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Power supply and motors technology

A key factor impacting the performance of all in-plant motorised equipment is the power supply and type of engine with which the vehicle will be fitted.

Fuel Supply: Morello proposes 3 different fuel options

Battery powered carts
Diesel powered carts
Hybrid heavy duty carts

Engine types: 2 engine types can be fitted

Electric motors
Hydraulic motors

While Morello has built and supplied clients with platform carts driven by all the above technologies, more and more industrial companies are seeing and understanding the benefits of battery powered technology and electric motors.

Battery powered carts are by far the most popular choice for industrials as the advantages significantly outweigh the benefits of the diesel power alternative. As a result, this is a key area of expertise in Morello and as battery technology continues to develop this will allow for even greater benefits going forward.

Benefits of heavy-duty battery powered carts

No Air Pollution: battery powered carts do not pollute. Being emission-free, they can be used indoors and outdoors without fear of impacting air quality. Access all areas!

No Noise Pollution: battery power is infinitely quieter than diesel motors and allows for a much quieter working environment.  24-hour noise free operations. Both day and night!

Cost savings: electricity is cheaper than diesel! The annual savings are significant compared to diesel powered carts. The cost per km or mile is massively lower. No contest!

Zero Ordinary Maintenance: battery powered electric motors require almost no maintenance. The cost and efficiency benefits are self-evident.

Remote Monitoring: batteries, especially lithium batteries, can be configured and monitored remotely for working hours, usage, wear and tear reducing downtime.

Futureproof: with the possibility of increased automation, zero environmental impact, and remote monitoring for efficiency, battery power is the lowest risk, long term investment.

These benefits all equate to lower costs, greater productivity, CSR benefits, and contribute to future proofing your operations.

Electric traction motors have now become the first choice for most industrials overtaking the use of hydraulic motors. There are multiple benefits and high efficiencies to be obtained from using electric motors which are managed by PLC and by the latest generation of inverters.

Benefits of electric motor driven heavy duty platform carts

Cost savings: the cost per km or mile is lower than the hydraulic alternative. Electric motors, driven directly by battery or diesel generator, are more efficient than a hydrostatic transmission system.

No Noise Pollution: electric motors are significantly quieter than hydraulic motors powered by a noisy hydraulic pump and so reduce factory noise pollution, especially beneficial in a 24-hour, day and night, working environment.

Cleaner: Electric motors have no oil to leak! The electric option is simply cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Keep all floors clean.

Zero Ordinary Maintenance: the AC electric motors require no ordinary maintenance. In the event of a technician being required, most easily available qualified electricians can provide support. Hydraulic systems need a lot of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and require the support of a skilled hydraulic technician.

Remote Monitoring: an electric motor, fitted with sensors, can be precisely controlled. The remote monitoring and management possibilities ensure greater precision and maneuverability, better diagnostics, overall reliability, less downtime, and greater automation. This is not possible with hydraulic motors. Safety: A platform cart driven by electric motor guarantees a much higher level of safety than one with a hydraulic motor. An electric motor has all the in-built safety features and components provided by the major automation component manufacturers (Siemens, SICK and others). Useful life: long term the vehicles useful life can be extended as, when the time comes, it is so much easier and cheaper to replace an electric motor than a hydraulic motor.

Morello carts are for the most part being fitted nowadays with electric motors given the over-riding benefits compared to alternative technologies.

Benefits of hybrid heavy duty carts

Compared to a ‘full electric’ trolley a Hybrid model is a useful alternative option for one specific reason: unlimited operating autonomy.

The operator can switch from battery power (completely emission-free) to diesel power simply by turning a switch. The Hybrid can continue working indefinitely as it does not have to stop to recharge, or to change batteries (removing the rundown battery with a charged battery). When the hybrid trolley runs with the diesel generator set, this powers up the on-board battery. Thus, the hybrid model has many of the advantages of the battery powered trolley with unlimited operating autonomy.

As this option has more on-board technology it is obviously a more costly option which must be evaluated based on a company’s operating objectives.