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Wheels based battery/electric flatbed trolleys

The performance and functionality of our platform carts is one of our key strengths. We focus on quality, safety and working flexibility by adopting the most advanced technologies on our heavy duty platform trolleys.
Morello’s SGAI and OMNI carts, which includes the high-capacity die cart, offer unrivalled adaptability and flexibility in plant logistics. We enable our clients to be more efficient and more competitive in difficult markets like metalworking and managing for example steel coil, molds, tooling and die logistics handling.

As a wheel-based cart with normal steering, our SGAI motorized platform truck is designed to transfer heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot operate, ensuring precise movement in limited spaces with tight pathways. A SGAI die change truck, wheel-based, can transport a heavy die, mold, motor, or any other heavy-duty and non-standard industrial item anywhere your plant requires it.
With a 500-ton capacity, the SGAI platform cart has no predefined path and allows you to move and steer the carts on any kind of surface or flooring, indoors or outdoors.

Exceptional manoeuvring and steering flexibility is the key feature of the OMNI heavy duty platform trolley, with a load capacity of up to 1000 tons. The omni-directional steering, independently operating wheel units together with numerous customisation options make this a top of the range solution.
Featuring an onboard lifting deck (when required), this high-capacity quick change cart minimizes crane usage increasing productivity in the field and ensuring maximum manoeuvrability in difficult plant environments.

Further customization options are available such as AGV carts and ATEX certified platform truck carts, explosion-proof for hazardous areas like off-shore platforms, painting rooms, mines as well as field applications in oil-and-gas and mining industries.
Electronic traction control, independent wheel group systems, complete sets of scanners and sensors together with advanced customization options make these MORELLO carts advanced technology for many industrial applications.

MORELLO’s industrial design also focuses on respecting the environment. The development of environmentally friendly, low pollution technologies ensures not only improved plant logistics but also an investment in eco-friendly, sustainable equipment.