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Morello’s Solutions for Nuclear Sector

Approximately 10% of the world’s electricity is generated by hundreds of nuclear reactors present in all continents. Moreover, over years different types of reactors have been deactivated.

Morello provides heavy-duty platform carts to transport heavy loads inside various nuclear power plants and facilities in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Finland and Italy. Our heavy-duty carts, transporters and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) are used to carry out different projects both inside new nuclear facilities under construction and inside existing plants, as well as during the decommissioning process of nuclear power plants that are no longer in operation. In this sector, there are very strict requirements and every aspect and detail of the equipment must be studied, checked, and documented in order to comply with these conditions. Morello will provide all the necessary supporting services and documentation according to your needs.

Contact our experts and learn more about the technical characteristics of our heavy-duty carts for the handling of heavy loads inside nuclear facilities.

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