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After-sales support

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After-sales support

MORELLO provides worldwide after-sales support for all vehicles which we deliver around the globe. Thanks to our experience working with industrial manufacturing companies since 1946, in many strategic and economically important manufacturing sectors, we know how important reliable after-sales service is for our customers. In fact, it we believe it is even more important than the initial product sale itself.

Each of our machines is designed and manufactured to last for decades of operational use in the most extreme industrial environments. As a result, when each machine leaves our factory, this, for Morello, is just the beginning of a long commitment which we make to our client. When the machine begins its on-site operational life this is the start of a new phase where MORELLO is ready and equipped to support the client over many years.

Preventive Maintenance

For all machines, anywhere in the world, MORELLO offers an ongoing preventive maintenance contract, which frees up the customer from all routine maintenance, leaving this job to us. 

MORELLO’s support technicians, or those of our qualified local partners, have strict and rigid functionality and safety controls to which each machine is subjected. We focus on identifying the wear and tear on components before they result in a machine malfunction, thus avoiding machine downtime and extending the useful life of the machine.

In the case of customers who prefer to manage ordinary maintenance internally, or who have their own service company close by, MORELLO is ready to provide dedicated training, and ensure the customer has all the knowledge he requires to manage the machine servicing independently.

Remote assistance

For some years now, thanks to advances in technology, it has been progressively easier to provide technical client support directly from our offices. This remote client support means MORELLO can provide real-time machine monitoring and technical advice in a fast and economically efficient manner.

Most of our machines can be equipped with appropriate devices which allow MORELLO to connect directly to the machine from our offices. This remote machine access, thanks to the advanced on-board diagnostic tools allow MORELLO to:

  • collect and monitor data continuously, in order to manage the client’s ordinary machine maintenance
  • connect to the machine in the case of a malfunction so as to evaluate the machine status, troubleshoot the equipment, identify reasons for failure and take required actions to resolve the issues identified.

On-Site Assistance

MORELLO guarantees rapid technical support, all over the world, directly on-site when required. In the event of a machine malfunction, regardless of the cause, our support technicians, or those of our local qualified partner, are able to provide worldwide on-site support to resolve operational client issues.

Spare Parts

MORELLO guarantees the availability and supply of machine spare parts anywhere in the world. This applies even many years after the initial sale of a machine. For Morello, this client commitment applies to and lasts for the entire life of the machine!

Our objective is to hold a stock of spare machine parts so as to provide rapid client support and minimise machine downtimes.

As MORELLO manufactures custom-built machines, there can be cases where some special spare parts cannot be held kept in stock. In these cases, we provide the customer with a list of recommended spare parts which we suggest they hold in stock locally.