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SGAI is a battery-powered, custom-designed electric vehicle for the handling of specific heavy loads of the customer (from 2 tonnes to 500 tonnes) within the specific company of the customer. 

Our vehicle is aimed at manufacturing companies, in any sector, all over the world, who need to move heavy loads within their factory. 

Heavy duty carts to move carpentry works - SGAI



By now, all companies that have to move materials have understood that optimising internal logistics is one of the most important aspects for reducing company costs. There are very few companies that are left behind and do not invest every day to make material handling more efficient.

Outdated or not 100% suitable solutions for the type of handling to be carried out cost much more than you think!

Using only overhead cranes or simple trolleys on rails (perhaps self-built), for example, causes long handling times due to the limited area in which they can operate, forcing operators to continuously pass the material from one handling vehicle to another one.

This is without considering their very little flexibility in cases where:

  • the load must also be moved in the courtyard or in other areas not covered by overhead cranes;
  • it becomes necessary, over time, to change the process or the production layout;
  • it becomes necessary to change shed or to move to a new plant.

This lack of flexibility today is no longer sustainable due to the speed with which companies must be able to adapt to changes.

Obsolete solutions such as endothermic vehicles or with “big” hydraulic systems involve maintenance costs that are rarely quantified correctly, but which lead to skyrocketing operating costs, including very expensive spare parts, machine downtime and maintenance by external companies.

Even the use of unsuitable means, such as the classic forklifts with low capacity, often involves very significant costs. Making more movements than necessary (due to the intrinsic capacity limits of standard forklifts) implies costs due to the high number of forklift drivers, a greater number of vehicles to be maintained and a greater risk of damage to the goods to be transported.

Some companies even still hire special vehicles for their handling, spending thousands of euros a day.

The daily rental of a ten-ton mobile crane or SPMT diesel self-propelled crane is an extremely expensive and short-sighted solution, which gives the illusion of saving money in the present, but which in the long run causes a huge waste of money. Renting these vehicles is, in a way, like deciding to rent a house instead of taking out a mortgage.

Our SGAI battery electric flatbed trolleys, designed according to specific customer needs, are one of the optimal solutions for reducing internal logistics costs. In fact:

  • they can be moved in any area of the plant, without operating limits due to structural constraints;
  • the electric traction motors and their battery power also make them completely non-polluting and practically maintenance-free;
  • finally, their total customisation allows to choose the most suitable characteristics for the customer, who may need very large dimensions or capacities, wheels and engines suitable for working on uneven floors or with steep slopes, thus eliminating the need to adapt/modify the flooring , layout and loading to the trolley.

To find out more, visit the page of our battery flatbed trolleys or contact us directly to request a personalised quotation.

For customers who want even more in terms of optimising internal logistics, our OMNI omnidirectional battery flatbed trolleys and our AGVs are available.



Investing in security is sometimes not seen as a priority. It does not entail immediate economic benefits and does not bring results on the balance sheet.

Nevertheless, not putting it first is probably one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

No one would start a production activity without first having taken out the right insurance policies to cover events that may definitively compromise the business.

Investing in safety is exactly the same thing. Postponing investments could prove to be fatal for the company. Once the accident has occurred, it is too late to fix it!

And unfortunately, some traditional handling means are also the most dangerous, which statistically cause the majority of accidents.

Bridge cranes and cranes involve suspended loads, with all the risks that these entail.

Forklifts are often misused, causing rollovers or forklift accidents.

Not to mention old or even homemade solutions, which do not even comply with basic safety regulations.

Our SGAI are among the safest means of transporting heavy and/or large materials, since they:

  • do not involve suspended loads, being on wheels;
  • allow the load to be positioned with the centre of gravity in the optimal point to guarantee stability, since the dimensions of the loading surface are studied together with the customer;
  • the risk analysis and the design of the vehicle in general are made in accordance with the specific reality of the customer and the specific materials that must be handled;
  • comply with the highest safety standards in compliance with the most recent regulations.

To find out more, visit the page of our battery flatbed trolleys or contact us directly to request a personalised quotation

Our AGVs ensure top safety: thanks to automation, they eliminate any risk of human error.



To date, there are more and more companies investing in specific handling systems for their own reality and the forecasts of sector experts show that the internal logistics market will grow steadily for the next few years.

Not worrying about optimising material handling may lead to a loss of competitiveness compared to a more forward-looking competitor.

Furthermore, more and more often, large customers such as multinationals pay great attention to the production realities of their suppliers.

Showing a plant with up-to-date or even innovative machinery, such as AGVs and other automatic machines, can be decisive for the acquisition of an important customer willing to spend more.

A type of customer who often does not only care about price, and therefore guarantees higher margins.



Well-being at work is very important.  It is fully demonstrated that happy employees lead to the success of the company, thanks to:

  • higher productivity;
  • better quality of the work performed;
  • lower turnover;
  • less absenteeism;
  • enhancement of the brand and corporate image.

And working in a clean environment, with safe, ergonomic, non-polluting and effortless machinery is undoubtedly a very important aspect for the well-being of any company’s personnel.

For this reason, replacing means of handling that are unsafe, obsolete or which involve useless effort is undoubtedly a more advantageous choice than one might think.



Often, companies, when faced with a necessary investment of a certain value, tend to delay the moment of the purchase decision. This is completely normal behaviour from a psychological point of view, but often unjustified from a rational point of view.

An investment that:

  • leads to a reduction in operating costs;
  • is an “insurance” against possible accidents;
  • allows not to fall behind one’s competitors;
  • acts as a showcase to attract better customers;
  • increases the well-being of personnel;

cannot be defined as a cost, on the contrary! The later you buy, the higher the costs of not doing!

There are clearly even more rational reasons that can lead to not investing immediately. The company may not immediately have the necessary cash flow, it may not want to increase its debt to lenders, or it may not want to affect the balance sheet with more fixed assets.

To solve this problem, MORELLO offers its customers the solution of operating rental. Operating rental is a business service that allows to enjoy the use of one of our machines by paying a single periodic fee, structured and planned according to the needs of each company. Owning the capital goods useful for the business activity is not necessary. It is essential to have them available, to be sure of their use and the guarantee of their correct functioning.



In summary, the reasons why our solution is unique in its kind are many.

    • It optimises plant logistics, reducing times and costs and increasing safety, thanks to the design and risk analysis of the machine specific for each customer’s situation.
    • It avoids costly civil interventions on the indoor and outdoor flooring of the customer’s plant, with the type of wheels, the quantity of wheels and the type of steering suitable for each specific situation.
    • Avoid long machine downtimes, thanks to our monitoring and remote assistance systems, which allow real-time intervention on our vehicles, thus solving the problem in a timely manner.
    • Despite the great customisation of its machinery, Morello has decided to invest in an extremely well-stocked warehouse, with all the costs that this entails. This is because it knows the added value that a ready-to-deliver spare part can mean for the productivity of its customers
    • It minimises usage and maintenance costs, thanks to our Italian electric motors, high efficiency lithium batteries and our integrated diagnostic system.
    • If one of our machines has a problem, we are committed to physically coming to the site to solve it. Wherever it is.
    • In order to satisfy all the above promises, out machine needs a few months to be built.
      1. The customised design of the trolley (including calculations, risk analysis, etc…) to meet the specific needs of the customer takes a few weeks.
      2. To this, we must add the time for the procurement of first quality components and its building following the highest quality standards for welding (ISO 3834-2) and mechanical, electrical and software tests and trials (full test with load)
    • Upon delivery, the customer will have a custom-made machine that will save time and costs for handling, in complete safety, for at least the next 20 years!

To find out more, visit the page of our battery flatbed trolleys or contact us directly to request a personalised quotation.