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Standard steering – SGAI


Electric powered carts on wheels


Taking advantage of the best experiences in the field of electric transportation, we have improved the characteristics of our battery-operated cart, increasing its quality, performance and safety.

These battery-powered trolley carts have been conceived and built to obtain efficient products with enhanced performance and flexibility. Since our motorised trolley doesn’t follow any predefined path and can steer in any direction on any kind of floor, it is very useful to carry heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot be used.

Among the variety of transportation purposes, the handling of dies is one of the most common functions fulfilled by this electric mover.

The possibility of maneuvering our die cart in an easy way makes it a perfect machine to meet the most important requirements for the transportation of molds: limited spaces with strictly forced paths.

The design of each die transfer cart is preceded by a preliminary study of specific customer’s needs and use conditions. Our battery-powered carts can be equipped with a driver’s cabin, a control panel or a remote controller to control them according to the speed level requested by the customer.

80t transport cart sgai vsp1

On request:
The use of automatic vehicles is growing in every manufacturing sector. Our battery-operated carts can be equipped with AGV version ensuring complete autonomy in control and management process. Visit our section dedicated to AGV.

It is possible to design and manufacture special batterypowered carts, IECEx and ATEX, ideal for hazardous areas at risk of explosion, such as offshore platforms, painting rooms, oil & gas and mining industries.

Types of steering

Technical characteristics

from 1 ton to 500 tons
on request
Steering systems
front axle, all axles, ± 90° steering
See the technology
Power supply
battery (electric grid or diesel generator on request)
See the technology
Travel speed
on request (from 1 km/h to over 6 km/h)
Drive motors
AC motors (hydraulic motors on request)
See the technology
Steering motors
AC motors (hydraulic motors on request)
See the technology
pendant panel, remote controller, footplate, cabin
See the technology
Kind of wheels
solid rubber, polyurethane, pneumatic
Lifting deck
on request (lifting stroke from 50 mm)
Kind of battery
lead acid, gel, lithium, pure lead
Battery life
on request (from 1500 m to over 15000 m)
Climbing ability
on request (from 2% to over 20%)
Operating environment
indoor, outdoor, offshore
Safety devices
laser scanners, sensitive bumpers, ultrasonic sensors
See the technology
Industry 4.0 ready
on request
See the technology
Hazardous areas conform (EX)
on request (ATEX, IECEx, NEC 500)
See the technology
Automatic version – AGV
on request
See the technology

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