Upenders / Tilters

Upenders for coil, dies and other heavy materials


Upender or Tilter is widely used all over the world providing modern demanding industries with enhanced productivity and extreme safety during  90-, 180- and 360-degree tilting of large and very heavy materials. Overhead cranes or forklifts to upend heavy loads are widely used nowadays by the companies requiring a high level of safety and productivity. With the current metalworking industry changing so rapidly, flat deck mold upender provides modern problem-solving solutions for industrial handling of mold, tooling and die

Dedicated machine for upending allows an operator to unload overhead cranes. Upender is completely safe since it avoids holding the load raised during tilting, in this way saving operators from difficult and dangerous manoeuvres. Morello supplies flat deck upender for mold, dies, coils, castings and other material handling in a variety of manufacturing industries all over the world.

Morello upenders can be customized according to special needs: payload, loading decks size and covers, tilting speed and other options can be studied together with the client. Morello pays particular attention to design of heavy load solutions with high capacity from 10 tons to over 200 tons.

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  • Frame load in steel or formed by rollers
  • Mechanic or hydraulic boxes lock
  • Tilting by means of hydraulic cylinders, reducer gears, chains
  • Safety valves parachute
  • Electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanic feeding
  • Deadening covering (on request)