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Operator Controlled


Morello’s rail-guided transfer carts


With expertise in the market of rail-guided transfer carts, including shuttle lifting carts, our company has emerged as a leader in various sectors, both locally and internationally.

We offer solutions designed with special care and tailored to our customers’ needs. Our operator-controlled rail-guided trolleys find applications in industrial plants, construction sites, offshore platforms, and vessels. They come in various power supply options, including diesel, battery, electric grid, and pneumatic versions.

Morello’s rail-guided transfer carts are ideal for handling tasks in the steel industry, concrete manufacturing, transportation within factories, warehouses, ports, and other heavy-duty fields that require rail-based movements and follow regular production cycles in terms of time and route. We also provide modern die change carts on rails to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the automotive industry and optimize logistics.

Thanks to their steel wheels and operation on steel rails, these operator-controlled rail-guided trolleys can handle very high loading capacities due to the minimal friction between steel surfaces. Consequently, when compared to battery and diesel-powered trolleys on wheels, which require steering systems and greater power, our rail-guided transfer carts are a cost-effective choice with similar dimensions and loading capacities.  

With 70 years of experience in the production of rail-guided transfer carts, Morello offers vehicles equipped with modern technologies and a strong focus on design and innovation.

We manufacture a wide range of automatic rail-guided transfer carts, coil transfer carts, and shuttle lifting carts that cater to the needs of end customers and EPC companies looking to automate specific handling processes. Additionally, we can provide complete automatic transfer carts that can interface with a customer’s plant management software.

Morello has supplied automatic transfer carts to numerous steel mills, heavy-load warehouses, and various manufacturing industries.

Operator controlled principale

Our operator-controlled rail-guided trolleys are widely used in the following areas:

  • Connecting multiple bays in industrial buildings
  • Linking buildings to storage yards
  • Establishing connections between different plants and departments
  • Easing the workload on cranes in bays

Technical characteristics

from 1 ton to 1000 tons
on request
Power supply
battery, electric grid, diesel engine, pneumatic
See the technology
Travel speed
on request (from 1 km/h to over 10 km/h)
Drive motors
AC motors, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors
See the technology
pendant panel, remote controller, footplate, pulpit
See the technology
Kind of wheels
steel wheels for translation on any type of rail
Lifting deck
on request (lifting stroke from 50 mm)
Operating environment
indoor, outdoor, offshore
Safety devices
laser scanners, sensitive bumpers, ultrasonic sensors
See the technology
Industry 4.0 ready
on request
See the technology
Hazardous areas conform (EX)
on request (ATEX, IECEx, NEC 500)
See the technology
Automatic version – RGV
on request
See the technology

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