Mafi trailers


Mafi trailer or rollpallets are useful to handle containers or any type of load in harbour areas, on ships ro-ro and inside manufactuirng plants.

On request is possible to have:

  • n. 2 opening, including tubular steel sections, for handling trailer elevator forks
  • pockets for steering columns of load containment
  • foldaway centerings for containers fixing, positioned on the four corners of the rolltrailer
  • super-elastic or pneumatic wheels
  • fixed gooseneck
  • special capacity load and dimensions.


  • Steel, wood or day loading platform.
  • Frame realized with oversize steel section and assembled throug solid welding to the electrical arc. The result structure is calculated to resist to bending and twist stress with hypothesis of suitable loading for size and distribution.
  • N. 2 or 4 hunting axles disposed on one or two axis section; on each axle are assembled n. 2 wheels rolling on adjustable conical roller bearing.
  • The longitudinal axles and rocker arms oscillate on greased bushings of sea type.
  • Wheels hubs cover is foreseen in steel caps/cover powder.
  • Front space for platform-tow handling with gooseneck.
  • N. 2 safety hooks for coupling with gooseneck.
  • Etching-handing cables/chains.
  • Coupling points for platform-tow handling by crane.
  • Bolts and nuts plated in galvanic way.
  • Painting with two hands of primer and two coats of enamel with colour at choice.
  • Careful, strong manufacture, suitable to work in sea place.