IECEx / ATEX trolleys for hazardous environment

IECEx / ATEX trolleys for hazardous environment


Morello Company design and manufactures IECEx / ATEX powered trolleys and towed trailers to the Oil & Gas industry, chemical industry, mines, painting rooms and any other environment where explosion proof trolleys are needed to avoid any risk of explosion.
On offshore oil & gas production units, platforms or vessels, maintenance always requires material handling. Large motors, long pipes and other heavy equipment need to be moved, often to places out of a crane’s reach.
To handle equipment in these hazardous areas customized and certified explosion proof transporters are necessary.
These IECEx / ATEX trolleys and trailers are specifically designed and customized by Morello for these dangerous kind of environments

Since offshore platforms and vessels have very tight spaces, ATEX and IECEx trolleys can be supplied with omnidirectional steering: carousel (rotation on its own centre), side movements (90°), diagonal movements, etc.…

Each IECEx and ATEX power deck is equipped with explosion proof components, certified depending on different hazardous areas (Zone 1&2, gas and dust).
If requested they can also be supplied with various notify body certifications: ATEX and IECEx third part certifications, lifting tools certifications, factory test certifications

Due to the adverse conditions in which these transfer cars have to operate they are waterproof, with electrical components protection up to IP 69.
Furthermore they are equipped with stainless steel components and they are painted with certified painting cycles, guaranteed to withstand the harshest environments

Every ship and every platform has its characteristics and every customer has its needs.
IECEx and ATEX trolleys are completely customizable: dimensions, speed, wheel type, superstructures, safety devices, battery life, command system, climbing ability and many others features can be picked by the customer; Morello provides assistance in choosing the best solution

Recently built:
Explosion proof transporter trucks – Capacity 12 t

  • Capacity: from 1 ton to over 1.000 ton
  • Steering: standard or multidirectional (90°, diagonal/crab, carousel/360°…)
  • Power supply: manual, battery, electric grid, diesel generator
  • Drive motors: AC motors (if any)
  • Steering motors: AC motors (if any)
  • Kind of wheels: rubber or polyurethane
  • Dimensions: on request
  • Travel speed: on request (from 1,2 km/h to over 6 km/h)
  • Lifting stroke: on request (from 100 mm)
  • Battery life: on request (from 1.500 m to over 15.000 m)
  • Command: manuale, wired controller, radio remote controller
  • Climbing ability: on request (from 2 % to over 10 %)
  • ATEX / IECEx  / Hazloc conform: on request (Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)