Battery powered trolleys on wheels

Normal steering battery powered trolleys – SGAI    (CAPACITY: 0 – 500 t)
Normal steering battery powered trolleys - SGAI*

Multidirectional steering battery powered trolleys – OMNI    (CAPACITY: 0 – 1000 t)
Multidirectional steering battery powered trolleys - OMNI**

Morello platform truck solutions

Modern performance and functionality of platform truck cart is perfectly reflected in our portfolio. We focus on quality, safety and utmost working flexibility adopting advanced technologies of heavy duty platform trolley. Morello SGAI and OMNI, as the high-capacity die cart, achieved unmatched adaptability and flexibility in plant logistics maintaining competitiveness in difficult markets like metalworking dealing with coil, mold, tooling and die handling.

Based on wheels with normal steering, our motorized platform truck SGAI is designed to bring the heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot operate ensuring precise movement in limited places with strictly constrained paths. A SGAI die change truck on wheels can transport a heavy die, mold, motor, or any other heavy-duty and non-standard industrial item everywhere. Featuring capacity of up to 500 tons, SGAI platform truck carts have no predefined path with an opportunity to steer and move on any kind of floor.

Extended manoeuvring easiness is one of key features in OMNI heavy duty platform trolley offering maximum capacity of 1000 tones. Featuring a lifting deck on board (when necessary), this high-capacity quick change cart minimizes crane usage increasing productivity in the field while its extended versatility allows using this platform truck cart with any kind of load, on any type of floor even in narrowest spaces. OMNI flat deck transporter with omnidirectional steering will perfectly suit the widest range of payload and manoeuvrability needs in most restricted industrial spaces.

We constantly update our requirements, improving quality and customization opportunities of platform truck machines: manoeuvring easiness, increasing flexibility and extended customization. Further customization options including AGV version are made for particular operation conditions: explosion-proof platform truck carts for hazardous areas like off-shore platforms, painting rooms, mines as well as field application in oil-and-gas and mining industries. Traction control using electronics, cart combination, complete set of scanners and sensors together with advanced customization option make SGAI and OMNI optimal die shuttle also suitable for coil, tool and mold-industry transportation and for many other uses.

Our heavy duty platform trolleys are synonymous with advanced customization and adaptability for cargo and operators. Morello electric tugger range and design flexibility are perfectly suitable for a complete range of sectors and applications with particular focus on metalworking industry, tool and dies sector. We designed our platform truck cart series with respect to environment, which gives the machine greater productivity as well as significant saving in maintenance and consumables.