Automatic transfer carts

AGV and Rail Guided Vehicles for automated material handling systems


Blending versatility and safety of automated carts Morello set trends in material handling automation on modern industrial facilities worldwide. We collaborate with leading engineering companies manufacturing automated transportation units including standalone and customized RGV carts.
Morello offers unique expertise in automated material handling for all EPC companies.

Solid experience of our software engineers working on the main PLCs on the market (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Rockwell, IFM, Omron and more) enables realization of most sophisticated projects in onsite logistics. We consider every detail in customer needs for easy integration of our AGV and rail guided vehicles in automated material handling system of any scale and complexity.

Designing and manufacturing automatic carts for decades, we are perfectly aware of all latest technologies on the market used for automation of in-house logistics and material handling in the variety of key industries including metalworking, mold, tooling, die and coil transport. We apply all modern methods of communication and data transmission including Wi-Fi and cable communications.

We provide expertise also in all the most important feeding methods: automated shuttles powered by bus-bars, cable chains and drums, as well as battery powered automated trolleys featuring inductive cable embedded in the floor, with diesel engine or generator set.
All our automatic transfer cars follow the strictest international standards in safety both in terms of mechanical as well as of electrical and electronic security.

According to specific case, Morello supplies stand-alone AGV or rail-guided vehicles since many companies require limited or customized material handling automation of a single part in their production process.
In these cases we can provide turnkey solutions for automated material handling system providing customized automation of AGV or RGV carts in line with particular customer needs regarding system characteristics: from control method to RGV features, communication and power supply modes.
We can supply basic automatic carts, controlled by a simple panel on the wagon, up to most complex automated shuttles, fully integrated with the customer’s systems.

Morello manufactures solutions for automated material handling systems in steel mills and aluminium sector, metalworking plants and transport of coil, die and mold, nuclear power plants, shipyards and more sectors. We provide customized solutions for industries where automation in material handling of large, heavy and bulky objects is part of the production process.
Among the most common application fields are automatic mold-holding wagons for automotive industry and automatic transfer cars for coil transportation in metalworking and steel sectors.

  • Capacity: from 1 ton to over 1,000 tons
  • Power supply: factory network, battery, diesel engine or pneumatic
  • Traction motors: AC, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Type of wheels: in steel for translation on any type of rail
  • Dimensions: upon request
  • Speed: upon request (from 5 m / min to 160 m / min)
  • Lifting stroke: on request
  • Command: automatic (via pulpits, on-board panel, PC windows, customer's WMS, ...)
  • Safety devices: laser scanners, sensitive bumpers, sensitive edges, ultrasonic sensors
  • Operational environment: both indoor and outdoor
  • ATEX / IECEx compliance: upon request (Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)