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OMNI is a battery-powered electric vehicle with omnidirectional steering to move heavy loads (from 2 tons to 1000 tons) within companies that need to optimise the available space without making civil investments.

OMNI is aimed at manufacturing companies, in the main global manufacturing sectors, which need to move finished and semi-finished products internally.

Battery-powered omnidirectional steering electric vehicle



For many years now, manufacturing companies have realised that reducing direct production costs is no longer sufficient to remain competitive on the market. “Indirect” costs are very often heavier than we might think and when they are totalled up we are almost always surprised.

The handling of materials within the plant is probably the largest “hidden” cost not directly linked to production.

Non-optimised intralogistics can result in:

  • thousands of working hours wasted every year;
  • an enormous waste of space which, in companies, has an incalculable value.

The moving of heavy loads using systems that do not guarantee rapid and precise handling and that do not allow optimal use of all the available spaces almost always involves personnel and space with costs running into tens of thousands of Euro, in the best case scenario.

Our OMNI omnidirectional electric vehicles are designed precisely to allow you to significantly cut these costs and in fact:

  • they are used to exploit even the smallest or least accessible spaces thanks to their omnidirectional steering which guarantees the possibility of moving in all directions (laterally, diagonally, rotating on themselves, …);
  • they make handling operations by the operators much faster and more precise, reducing the necessary manoeuvres and allowing positioning with millimetric precision, thanks to their special steering system, all-wheel drive and brushless electric motors;
  • they have almost zero operating costs, being practically maintenance-free and not requiring periodic checks by law; this is thanks to the minimisation of hydraulics and the absence of suspension of the loads being transported.

To find out more, visit the page of our omnidirectional battery trolleys OMNI or contact us directly to request a personalised quotation.

For customers who want even more in terms of optimising internal logistics, there are our AGV automatic trolleys.



Very often, unfortunately, companies find themselves investing in safety only after an accident has already occurred, paying very high prices in economic and other terms. And the handling of heavy loads is undoubtedly one of the main causes of accidents at manufacturing companies.

Moving “important” loads using overhead travelling cranes (suspended loads), unsuitable forklifts or very dated or even “home-made” handling systems involves significant risks, both due to the intrinsic risks of the system and to the possible operator margin of error.

In the best case, accidents due to handling involve damage to products, machinery or buildings for tens of thousands of Euro. In the worst case, however, they can have much more serious consequences, for operators, for those persons responsible for safety and systems and for employers.

For this reason, investing in safety is always a priority and postponing the investment cannot be an option. Without considering the fact that working in safety also gives reassurance to operators who find themselves facing significant risks every day, increasing their productivity and company loyalty.

Our OMNIs are designed to be some of the safest systems ever for the handling of heavy and/or large loads.

  • The transporting of materials with OMNIs does not involve suspended loads, the load being positioned on the structure of the vehicle itself and not being supported by belts or chains.
  • OMNI can to all intents and purposes replace the overhead travelling crane, thanks to the possibility of lifting its loading platform, thus taking delivery of the load, transporting it and then leaving it, with extreme precision, where necessary.
  • The load is positioned on the loading surface in a completely stable manner, without running the risk of overturning; as can instead happen with forklift trucks.
  • Each of our OMNIs is designed according to the specific load to be transported and to the conditions of the customer’s plant in which it will have to work. The structural calculations, the risk analysis and the considerations regarding stability are specific for each individual project and guarantee maximum safety compared to standard solutions which, for obvious reasons, require the customer to adapt to the machine and not vice-versa.
  • OMNI can be equipped with the most cutting-edge safety systems, such as laser scanners, which slow down the vehicle and then stop it safely in the event of obstacles along the way that are not seen by the operator. However, these scanners often cannot be applied to overhead travelling cranes, to forklifts (due to the position of the load) or to tractor-trailer systems.

To find out more, visit the page of our omnidirectional battery trolleys OMNI or contact us directly to request a personalised quotation.

For customers who want even more in terms of safety, there are our AGV automatic trolleys.



The means of handling on the ground are linked to the type of flooring of the plant. Some of the omnidirectional steering systems on the market have important operational limits, requiring almost perfect flooring and being able to manage very limited slopes, thus forcing costly civil interventions to adapt the plant to the means of transport.

Systems with air cushions, for example, run into difficulties with floors that have just been damaged or that present slopes of very few degrees.

Some not very advanced wheeled systems do not have hydraulic suspensions and/or have only a few drive wheels, creating very serious traction and wheel overload problems for the vehicle if the flooring has any unevenness or a simple slope at the entrance to the building. Some wheels, in fact, risk not touching the ground at all.

Furthermore, the problem is often not only the initial adjustment of the flooring, but also its maintenance over the years.

In fact, many systems tend to wear away or even damage the flooring, forcing constant maintenance, which in addition to being expensive is often unsightly.

The wheels of some systems with omnidirectional steering rotate on themselves, causing excessive drag of the wheel on the ground, permanently damaging it.

Instead our OMNI trolleys allow savings relating to both the adjustment and maintenance of the flooring. In fact:

  • They all have drive wheels, guaranteeing on all the wheels constant optimal and slip-free traction on any type of surface and slope.
  • They are equipped with hydraulic suspensions which allow the system to adapt to uneven floors, ensuring that all the wheels always touch the ground, thus avoiding harmful overloads on the wheels and on the ground.
  • The wheels are coupled in pairs and steer around their centre line. No wheel rotates around its own axis or too close to it, thus avoiding harmful “slides” during steering.

To find out more, visit the page of our omnidirectional battery trolleys OMNI or contact us directly to request a personalised quotation.



In short, there are many reasons why OMNI is the best possible choice for material handling.

    1. Reduce handling times and make maximum use of all the spaces thanks to the omnidirectional steering.
    • OMNI is one of the safest systems for the handling of heavy and large materials, avoiding risks of overturning and all the risks associated with suspended loads.
    • OMNI is designed according to the customer’s needs, guaranteeing a complete analysis of the customer’s specific risks, in accordance with the most recent safety standards and current regulations.
    • It is not necessary to change the current flooring; OMNI adapts to your particular environment thanks to its suspension systems and its all-wheel drive.
    • OMNI, with its special steering system, does not damage your flooring and allows you to avoid frequent maintenance and repair interventions.
    • Avoid long machine downtimes, thanks to our monitoring and remote assistance systems, which allow real-time intervention on our vehicles, thus solving the problem in a timely manner.
    • Despite the great customisation of its machinery, Morello has decided to invest in an extremely well-stocked warehouse, with all the costs that this entails. This is because it knows the added value that a ready-to-deliver spare part can mean for the productivity of its customers
    • OMNI minimizes use and maintenance costs thanks to:
      1. the minimisation of hydraulics, used only for lifting and not for traction;
      2. the use of maintenance-free brushless electric motors;
      3. high-efficiency lithium batteries;
      4. our integrated diagnostic system.
    • If the machine should encounter problems, we are committed to intervening directly, wherever it is.
    • Our OMNI, to ensure what was promised, needs a few months to be built.
      1. The planning according to the customer’s needs (including all necessary calculations, risk analysis, etc.) takes a few weeks.
      2. The procurement of top-of-the-range brand components, the production in accordance with the highest quality standards for welding (ISO 3834-2) and all the mechanical, electrical and software tests and trials (complete test with load) require a few months.
    • When the machine is delivered, you will have a customised vehicle that will allow you to save on internal logistics costs for at least the next 20 years.

To find out more, visit the page of our omnidirectional battery trolleys OMNI or contact us directly to request a personalised quotation.