Posted on November 11, 2020

Morello understands the requirements of the steel industry and has years of experience supplying heavy duty carts for different applications, products, and processes. We know the often-extreme environment in which these operations must be conducted. Morello has provided material handling equipment to companies in the steel industry right across the world including USA, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe, Middle East and more.

Different to many other industries, the processing of metals leads to extreme conditions and temperatures, fumes and vapors, dust and fibres in the atmosphere and the movement of hot liquid metals on the production floor. These are all risk factors which must be managed and contained when moving heavy steel materials.

A correct planning of heavy material handling leads to lower manufacturing costs, a safer working environment, contributions to corporate sustainability objectives, reduced inventory, greater operational efficiencies and shorter delivery times among other benefits.

Let’s have a look at two specific applications where Morello has supported steel manufacturers in improving their operational performance.

Steel Tube Manufacturer Project:  A steel tube manufacturing plant in Texas, USA, required a system to move its SRM mill stands, used for the production of seamless pipes. To produce steel tube of different diameters the plant has to change the SRM mill stands on an ongoing basis.

The Challenge: There were as always, a number of challenges to address.

Firstly, the loads to be moved weighed up to 65 tons. Up to 6 SRM mill stands had to be moved simultaneously. The equipment had to be moved in two directions both parallel to and perpendicular to the SRM rolling mill. A heavy-duty trolley system was needed to move one or more SRM mill stands to their required positions. The plant environment itself obviously presented certain operational challenges also.

The Solution: the solution to optimise the production cycle, utilised 8 heavy duty rail platform carts.

  1. 6 rail carts, with a load-bearing of 65 tons, transported the SRM mill stands into position parallel to the rolling mill. We can call these the ‘mill stand carriers’. These rail carts use an RFID transponder to recognise the specific SRM mill stands.
  2. 2 rail carts, with a load bearing of 100 tons, were used to transport the SRM mill stands and the ‘mill stand carrier’ from their stocking locations. In other words, these 2 rail carts transported both the ‘mill stand carrier’ and their load of SRM mill stands (mentioned in point 1 above).

Morello was responsible for designing and developing the complete system. This included all rail cart operations and movements in response to production requirements, rail cart precise positioning, automatic battery recharging, safety aspects, wifi communications with plant IT systems, all data exchange and diagnostics linked to the central system.

To see the system in operation:

Steel Coil Manufacturer Project:  A steel coil manufacturing plant in Mexico, needed to move steel coils within the plant which involves loading, transferring, and unloading.  This is obviously a standard requirement for steel plants of this type and the equipment used is a ‘coil car’.

The Challenge:  the coil car’s software is integrated into the plant’s operating system and the coil cars operate automatically. The coil cars receive the steel coils which rest on saddles and in this case had to be able to carry coils of up to 35 tons. The coil car can raise its load up to 1100 mm (4.3 feet). The unloading process may be managed in one of two ways. Firstly, by simply lowering the coil cars saddles on to another support structure or alternatively by equipping the coil car with motorised rollers which, when inclined at an angle, roll the coil onto another support structure.

The Solution:  For this specific plant in Mexico Morello supplied 3 coil cars in total. Two ‘entry coil cars’ and one ‘exit coil car’.

The video shows a coil car with motorised rollers being tested using concrete slabs for weight trials:

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