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World longest wind turbine blades movers – 60 t + 60 t


synchronised self-propelled carts moving wind turbine blades

A well-known global manufacturer of large wind turbine blades. In this specific case the company in France had the challenge of moving the longest wind turbine blade in the world! The blade was 108 metres long, the length of a soccer pitch, and weighed 80 tons.



Aside from the length and the weight of the blade the big challenge was that the blade was not rigid but had a flexible structure. To move the structure two synchronised heavy duty industrial carts were clearly going to be needed to support each end of the blade. In the past nobody had ever moved a wind turbine blade with two synchronised modular transfer carts without using a rigid structure to support the blade. This was a new challenge. In addition, the carts had to move both inside and outside the plant and the client required a lifting mechanism on the carts. The carts also required sufficient power to travel to the port and down the pier where the blades would be loaded onto a ship.


To resolve this challenge MORELLO proposed and built two synchronised SPMTs (modular self-propelled carts) with the following characteristics. The carts communicated with each other using their own wi-fi network to synchronise speed, acceleration, braking and steering positions of the individual wheels. A newly developed software programme was required to synchronise the movement as there was no rigid structure between the two carts, which operated at a distance of 80m from each other! This was a unique development. The carts were equipped with hydraulic suspension for each axle line. The battery powered vehicles with electric traction and steering ensured a completely green, environmentally friendly operational solution. This technology also ensures lower energy consumption and extremely low maintenance costs for a very cost-effective end result.