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Wheel based power transformers transporters – 33 t


Wheel based power transformers transporters 33t

A well-known global manufacturer of large power transformers. For a manufacturing plant in the USA the company must move large transformers, and heavy transformer windings, within the factory during the production process. In the past the company had utilised carts with air cushion technology. These proved to be ineffective due to the lack of perfectly flat and even flooring, plus the energy and compressed air requirements which limited their use around the factory.


Transport heavy transformers throughout the plant, both finished and semi-finished product, of up to 33 tons both indoors and outdoors. The space for manoeuvring was very limited as the production lines were set up to optimise space usage, production efficiencies, and also maximise space for stocking. The transformers also required lifting into position. It was also important to ensure the heavy duty platform carts had complete freedom of movement inside and outside the plant with no power supply time limitations.


MORELLO worked with the Senior Production Control Engineer to propose a solution which satisfied all the clients’ requirements. Two self-propelled omni-directional carts were proposed with the following characteristics.

Steering: omni-directional steering resolved the issue of manoeuvring in tight spaces. In this case each wheel can be programmed to move independently of the others.

Surfaces: wheels in polyurethane material were suitable for all surfaces around the plant. As an alternative, wheels with rubber tyres were also proposed for more irregular surfaces.

Lifting: the carts can be hydraulically raised beneath a steel pallet structure, which supports the transformers, to lift the equipment and reposition it wherever required within the plant.

Power options: full-electric battery-operated carts were utilised, using electric motors both for traction and steering, allowing greater autonomy and freedom of movement.

With these characteristics the company found a secure solution for moving its heavy materials, eliminating any suspended heavy loads in the factory, improving safety and risk, and providing greater operating flexibility.