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Transpallet die cart for injection molds – 60 t



A German manufacturer of auto parts for luxury car brands such as Bugatti, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce and others. MORELLO worked with the Production Director to provide a solution for moving multiple injection molds weighing up to 60 tons.


The existing situation was that injection molds were stored on the ground and moving them with rollers and cranes was very time consuming. The operation was slow, semi-manual and every movement involved a person climbing a ladder to attach the cranes lifting chains to the mold. There was significant scope to speed up operations and improve safety. Due to the limited space, it was often necessary to move other molds to access the one required.

  • The client required a very low loading platform
  • The heavy duty platform cart had to be small and compact due to very limited space
  • The use of bridge cranes and suspended weights was to be reduced.


MORELLO proposed the use of a die transfer cart and a system whereby each mold was stored directly on 4 steel column supports 650mm/2ft high. The die cart, in this way, can move below the mold , raise the mold off its support columns and transport it to its new location where it would be repositioned on other 4 support columns. This solution was significantly more effective than the previous method employed.

  • Internal logistics has been greatly improved leading to economic savings
  • Safety has been greatly increased
  • Staff morale has benefited from implementing safer, quicker, easy to use advanced technology
  • Compact steering radius, with traction wheels turning to 90°.
  • Battery powered trolley, with lithium battery, 2 hour full recharge/10 min partial charge