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Omnidirectional transporter for wind turbine gearboxes – 108 t


heavy-duty industrial trolley

For a wind energy project in India, an innovative and leading wind turbine gearbox and drivetrains manufacturer required a solution to move extremely heavy wind turbine gearboxes.


In this particular case the gearbox weighed in excess of 100 tons, an incredible weight for a wind turbine. The challenge was to provide a customizable industrial transfer cart of a relatively very small size. The cart could be no larger than 4m x 2.7m. The gearbox was to be positioned on a steel pallet structure which the cart would move beneath, lift the structure and move it to its new location. No bridge crane or overhead lifting was to be involved thus ensuring greater safety. The cart was to be designed to operate both inside and outside. Moving a gearbox of 108 tons with a small cart required careful project engineering. In addition, the client requested an operator recognition and registration system to be able to operate the transfer cart.


MORELLO worked with the Wind Power Technology Business Unit to propose an effective solution. The final solution designed and built by MORELLO was a super-compact, omni-directional, self-loading, heavy duty industrial cart designed to transport a total load of 108 tons. The battery-operated cart was radio-controlled with a power autonomy of 5km. The high spec cart featured omni-directional steering, each wheel with its own electric motor and braking system, hydraulic suspension for imperfect flooring, a raiseable load platform and highly precise brushless electric motors with zero maintenance requirements. An advanced diagnostics system and IoT technology for remote assistance gave the client the operational guarantees they required.