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Omnidirectional die transfer cart to handle dies – 43 t


Wheels based battery electric flatbed trolleys

An Austrian manufacturer of auto parts, a top tier A-supplier, producing 1.9 million small parts and around 500,000 large parts every month for top brand car manufacturers. MORELLO worked with the CEO of the company in order to improve plant efficiency. 


In this case the client company had numerous injection molds to move, on a daily basis, of up to 40 tons in weight. The client’s objectives were the following:

  • Limit the use of bridge cranes and suspended weights within the plant for reasons of safety.
  • Speed up mold transportation within the plant and improve factory productivity.
  • Optimise the use of space in the mold storage area.


The solution proposed by MORELLO was to design and build a die transfer cart, or more specifically, a self-propelled OMNI-directional heavy duty platform cart together with 11 steel pallet structures to manage the movement of the molds within the plant. In this way the client could position the largest molds on the raised pallets ready for moving. The platform cart therefore drives beneath the raised steel pallet, lifts the pallet a few cm/inches off the ground and moves it to the new location.

  • The operation is much quicker than before, and the operator remains at a safe distance using a remote control. There are no suspended weights, hanging from chains.
  • The trolley is OMNI-directional and can move in very tight spaces, turning at 90° and rotating on its own axis.
  • The client intended to purchase a standard-steering trolley until they saw the OMNI in action: simple to command, max operational flexibility leading to improved factory layout.
  • Imperfect floor surfaces: navigated and managed by hydraulic suspension
  • Raisable load platform: can be raised both parallel to the ground and raised at individual hydraulic points to adapt to varying ground slopes.
  • Electric motor for each wheel: guarantees optimal traction and a perfectly controlled braking system.
  • Brushless electric motors: highly precise, no maintenance.