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Morello battery powered scrap bucket carts for steel mills – 110 t


Morello battery powered scrap bucket carts for steel mills 110 t

Morello is among the top companies in the world for producing Steel Scrap Bucket Carts with electric motors powered by the latest generation lithium batteries.

Morello Electric Transfer Carts allow scrap steel to be moved within steel mills using reliable and efficient clean energy, while eliminating the pollution caused by diesel engines.

Most steel mills operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The steel mill usually accumulates scrap metals in one or more main yards, and 24/7, the scrap is transferred to the furnace. The process generally requires cranes which load the scrap into enormous scrap buckets, which can contain up to 300 tons of scrap metals, and which are transferred to the furnace whereby another crane empties the scrap bucket into the furnace.

In most cases the transfer of the scrap, from yard to furnace, is done by diesel powered transfer carts, as the scrap yards can be large, the distances long and the working cycle intense and continuous.

Today, as factories focus on energy decarbonisation, diesel vehicles are a source of pollution which can be easily eliminated with more efficient solutions. Steel mills wishing to reduce pollution, combustion engines, and adopt more sustainable solutions can now adopt a sustainable energy solution.

Morello was among the first companies worldwide to produce electric scrap bucket carts fuelled by lithium batteries of the latest generation.

The Morello Electric Scrap Bucket Cart is:

  • Completely pollution free, thanks to its electric motors and lithium battery power.
  • Can operate 24/7 for 365 days per year thanks to lithium battery technology, fast automatic recharging and the recharging management software.
  • Maintenance-free, with the brushless electric motors almost completely eliminating the need for the technical maintenance required by hydraulic motors.
  • In addition for optimum steel scrap bucket cart performance they are:
    • Equipped with weighing systems
    • Completely automatable and integrable into a steel mills operating software via Wi-Fi
    • Customisable to respond to the needs of specific steel mills (PLC brand, sensor types, etc.)
    • Perfect for both the indoor and outdoor operations of a steel mill environment

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