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Lifting coil cars for Mexico – 35 t


Coil car moving steel plates

A steel coil manufacturing plant in Mexico, needed to move steel coils within the plant which involves loading, transferring, and unloading. This is obviously a standard requirement for steel plants of this type and the equipment used is a ‘coil car’.


The coil car’s software is integrated into the plant’s operating system and the coil cars operate automatically. The coil cars receive the steel coils which rest on saddles and in this case had to be able to carry coils of up to 35 tons. The coil car can raise its load up to 1100 mm (4.3 feet). The unloading process may be managed in one of two ways. Firstly, by simply lowering the coil cars saddles on to another support structure or alternatively by equipping the coil car with motorised rollers which, when inclined at an angle, roll the coil onto another support structure.




For this specific plant in Mexico Morello supplied 3 coil cars in total. Two ‘entry coil cars’ and one ‘exit coil car’.

The video shows a coil car with motorised rollers being tested using slabs for weight trials: