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Heavy duty outdoor AGV for molds and dies – 40 t


Agv da esterni per stampi e matrici – 40 t

There are many reasons why our clients choose to use a Morello Heavy Duty Die Cart.

The success factors in the automotive industry – quality, innovation, reliability, performance, and cost – are all related to product excellence. Key to this success is the investment in equipment which enables an automotive plant to reach greater standards of operational excellence. Morello’s transfer carts offer state of the art technology enabling plant managers to achieve ambitious KPI objectives.

More specifically, Morello AGV Die Carts give your plant competitive advantages on a number of levels. Let us explore this.

  • A safer way to transport molds, thanks to avoiding suspended loads and using a combination of sensor technologies.
  • Makes daily operations smoother and more efficient, thanks to efficient electric technology.
  • For staff, they improve the working environment thanks to a quieter and cleaner zero pollution solution.
  • They can drive down costs thanks to efficient working procedures and zero maintenance technology.
  • A great sense of security as Morello wheel-based Heavy Duty Die Cart can safely move loads weighing hundreds of tons.
  • They give the flexibility of being able to operate indoors and outdoors on all types of surfaces.

The AGV Die Cart version provides additional operational benefits:

  • No drivers are needed, freeing up staff to work in other areas.
  • The safety factor is greatly improved thanks to utilizing sensor technologies to automate operations.
  • First time accuracy and productivity are increased thanks to automation.
  • Reduced damage to products and infrastructure is a natural benefit.
  • To read more on the benefits of AGV’s

And furthermore, the equipment is a Morello custom designed solution, benefiting from decades of Morello experience supplying similar solutions to manufacturing plants all over the globe.

The Client

A German manufacturer of injection moulds for the automotive sector located near Stuttgart.

The Job Challenge and Environment

 The client briefed us that they wanted to move large injection moulds, weighing up to 40 tons, from one production facility to another. This involved operating both indoors and outdoors, which requires the flexibiity of being able to operate in variable environmental conditions.

The indoors working environment was relatively clean. The outdoors was obviously subject to variable atmospheric conditions with both low and high temperatures at different times of the year.

Morello’s Customised Solution

 Morello designed an AGV die cart with a natural guidance system that works both indoors and outdoors, and can be exposed to variable atmospheric conditions.

In addition, the AGV can work both on resin-coated concrete (inside the plant) and on asphalt with some sloping ground (external courtyard).

Thanks to its driving technology (natural driving) there was no need to install any ground guidance equipment inside or outside. Navigation takes place thanks to laser scanners capable of recognizing reference points in the surrounding environment.

Have a look at the product video here in operation.

Morello Installed Technology

  • Navigation Technology: Natural Driving
  • Safety and navigation via certified outdoor laser scanners
  • Powered by lithium battery
  • Automatic charging station (opportunity charge)
  • Brushless electric motors (maintenance-free, very high precision)
  • Highly advanced HMI diagnostics system
  • IoT with integrated remote assistance device
  • PLCs and HMIs from Siemens or Allen Bradley (high-end brands)

After Sales Service


The remote assistance device installed on board allows us to assist the customer remotely at any time from our offices in Turin, Italy. Thanks to our advanced diagnostic system, detecting any problems on self-propelled vehicles is simple and easy with the possibility of very quick response time. We have a team of technicians and a number of partners who allow us to intervene on site when necessary.

Spare parts

Morello, despite the high level of machine customization which requires a wide range of component parts, has invested in a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. This allows us to provide a prompt client service in the knowledge that a spare part ready for prompt delivery is an important added value service for clients and for their operational productivity,


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