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Battery trolleys for nuclear power plant decommissioning – 130 t + 20 t


130T nuclear power plant transporter truck sgai


Decommissioning of the Nuclear Power Plant in Latina, Lazio, Italy. The nuclear plant operated from 1963 until 1987. The first phase of the decommissioning process is due to be completed in 2027.


Sogin is the company responsible for the decommissioning project. There were two operational requirements for heavy materials handling for which Morello made detailed proposals.

  1. Movement of “shells” weighing 120 tons and measuring 5.6 x 3.4 metres. These were to be moved from an external location into a purpose-built warehouse where the shell casings would be cut and sectioned into smaller pieces for disposal.
  2. Movement of containers holding contaminated waste and weighing up to 20 tons. These containers were to be moved within the plant and lifted to a higher floor level.

The Latina nuclear site, in Lazio, Italy, is located in a seismic zone. Morello had to provide guarantees that the heavy transportation equipment was able to withstand possible earthquake tremors of various degrees.


To resolve these challenges Morello proposed and built three industrial transfer carts as follows: 1 Transportation of Shells: 1 Battery-powered Transport Cart on wheels (SGAI-E VSP3): The SGAI cart had a special configuration with 32 super-elastic wheels, mechanical equalising mechanisms to guarantee floor contact of all 32 wheels and for perfect weight distribution, 4 electric traction motors with no maintenance requirement. The wheel steering mechanism was designed to avoid grinding of the wheels during wheel turning (Ackermann steering). A self-loading 130-ton capacity platform with electric motor utilised 8 cylinders built into the loading platform.

Laser scanners provided secure stopping in case of obstacles being encountered in the cart’s path.

The SGAI was supplied together with a steel chassis frame on 4 supports (10-ton weight), which the transport cart was designed to lift and move once the shell casings had been placed on top.

130T nuclear power plant transporter truck sgai

Transportation and rotation of Shells: 1 Battery-powered Rail Guided Transport Cart (SBA): a 130-ton load capacity, supported by 8 double edged rail wheels for high precision positioning. A rotating platform allowed the shells to be positioned appropriately for cutting and sectioning.

Battery powered rail guided transport cart 130-t nuclear

Movement of Contaminated Material Containers: 1 (SBA-E): equipped with a raisable platform to lift the containers utilising 4 cylinders with position and pressure sensors. The cart was specially equipped with numerous additional sensors and security controls for maximum operational safety.

Battery powered Rail Guided Transport Cart 20-t

The structure of all three industrial transfer carts was designed to withstand seismic shocks and supporting documentation was provided to the client to this effect. In addition, a significant quantity of technical documentation, well beyond heavy industry general requirements, is required to operate within a nuclear power plant and this was completed and provided by Morello as requested.

Morello has optimised its proprietary software operating system over many years. There is advanced diagnostics on the HMI (human-machine interface) and the integrated IoT capabilities allow Morello to provide ongoing remote assistance where required.

Morello guarantees a high level of performance, security and precision thanks to employing the most advanced technologies. Nuclear Energy power plants must eliminate operational risk. Morello’s fine-tuned approach to problem solving provides multinational industrial corporations in the energy sector with the support and technology they require to operate efficiently and safely.