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Battery powered platform cart for Poland – 80 t



Steel Foundry, Power Turbine manufacturer, leading multinational corporation, Poland


WeightMove steel structures of different shapes and sizes weighing up to 80 tonnes
Load CharacteristicsDifferent steel loads, not homogenous, unstable, with differing centres of gravity
SpaceTransport large heavy steel structures around the steel foundry on different routes, with tight corners to navigate


Temperatures – Ambient– 10°C to +50°C
Temperatures – LoadUp to 250°C (max. temperature of the steel loads)
Air QualityDust particles, fibres, particulates, fumes, vapours
Weather ConsiderationsThe vehicles must work both indoors and outdoors in all seasons and weather conditions
Flooring ConditionsUneven, cracked and broken, old steel rails embedded in ground, both indoor and outdoor ground conditions


VehicleBattery-Powered Heavy Duty Platform Cart, electric motors
MobilityRubber compound wheels, for imperfect terrain, with tight steering radius
Load PlatformDesigned for semi-finished steel loads up to 80T, often concentrated on a 2m x 2m area (80 x 80 inch) with temperatures of up to 250°
MotorsAC electric motors, no maintenance, no pollution
Operating ControlThe vehicle is driven using a radio-controlled unit with potentiometer. The operating software is Morello’s proprietary software used globally, developed and fine-tuned over many years.
Safety features4 emergency stop buttons, ‘trolley in movement’ acoustic alert
system, ‘trolley in movement’ visual warning lamp, spring applied safety brakes with controlled deceleration, structural parts safety factor above 1,8
Technical SupportVehicle Diagnostics on advanced HMI
Remote Assistance with on-board monitoring software
Local technical mechanical support available on demand