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Why Industrial Companies use Morello OMNI heavy duty platform carts

Morello designs and manufactures a wide range of custom-built heavy duty platform carts for industry in its Italian plant in Turin. One of the most versatile heavy duty trolleys for improving plant productivity is the OMNI.

What are the main advantages of the OMNI for your industrial operations?

LOAD BEARING: up to 1000 tons

The OMNI heavy duty trolley is one of the most versatile and efficient solutions for moving heavy loads in industrial plants. The self-loading, self-propelled, battery-powered, multi-directional, remote-controlled heavy duty platform cart gives you an incredible level of flexibility and adaptability. 

PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS: Thanks to the raisable load bearing platform the OMNI replaces the bridge cranes in a plant and with much greater flexibility. The OMNI moves beneath the load platform structure, lifts it off its feet and moves it to its new location.

SMALL TO LARGE LOADS:  With its modular and customisable design the OMNI can be used for any load weight or size as can be seen from the examples which follow below.

SPACE PROBLEMS ELIMINATED: The OMNI has numerous multi-directional steering possibilities. It is super compact and can operate and complete manoeuvres in the tightest of spaces. Moving heavy loads and navigating in limited space becomes much easier.

OPERATE ON ANY SURFACE: The OMNI motorized platform cart can operate both internally and externally providing maximum operational flexibility. The hydraulic suspension, the mechanical oscillations of the wheel groups and a wide range of different wheel materials and constructions provide multiple specification and design options. OMNI achieves uniform weight distribution even on non-horizontal and irregular surfaces.

NO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The OMNI is an extremely silent operator with zero environmental impact. It is an electric platform cart with almost zero maintenance requirements due to both electric steering and electric traction motors (AC brushless motors), and is battery powered. The OMNI can also be used in volatile environments where the risk of explosion must be carefully managed.

FULLY CUSTOMISABLE: Each OMNI motorized platform cart is manufactured to your specifications and design based on your operational requirements. Morello’s design team takes your project specifications and proposes the most suitable and cost-effective Transfer Cart for your needs.

REMOTE ASSISTANCE: Each OMNI motorized platform cart can be equipped for remote assistance capabilities which allows Morello to provide real-time on-site support, when and if required, from their HQ in Italy.

AGV – The OMNI is also available as an AGV, the autonomous vehicle version for automated driverless operations.  


There are a number of interesting cases which illustrate the adaptability and utility of the OMNI heavy duty platform cart. Morello has clients all over the globe and the following cases illustrate how Morello has provided technologically advanced solutions to large corporations in different countries.

Case 1: a multinational manufacturer of industrial chillers. Pune, India.

Challenge: Transport large semi-finished chillers, up to 65 tons, indoors and outdoors.

Solution: a single self-propelled OMNI cart, 12 metres in length, was proposed and was preferred to the client’s original plans for a rail system with two transfer carts. All directional and space issues were resolved, speed of movement was much quicker, the plant was not restricted by having a fixed rail transfer cart system in place.

70 T flatbed transporter for wind turbine gearboxes OMNI E

Case 2: a well-known global manufacturer of large wind turbine blades. Cherbourg, France.

Challenge: to move the longest wind turbine blade in the world!  The blade had a flexible structure.

Solution: Morello proposed two synchronised OMNI SPMTs (modular self-propelled trailers). The carts communicated with each other using their own wi-fi network to synchronise speed, acceleration, braking and steering positions of the individual wheels. A newly developed software programme was required to synchronise the movement as there was no rigid structure between the two carts, which operated at a distance of 80m from each other! This was a unique development.


Case 3: a multinational power transformers manufacturer. Alabama, USA.

Challenge: Transport heavy transformers throughout the plant, both finished and semi-finished product, of up to 33 tons both indoors and outdoors. In the past the company had utilised carts with air cushion technology with poor results.

Solution: Two self-propelled omni-directional electric platform carts were proposed with the following characteristics: omni-directional steering resolved the issue of manoeuvring in tight spaces; wheels in polyurethane material were suitable for all surfaces; the carts could be hydraulically raised beneath a steel pallet structure.

Case 4: a leading wind turbine gearbox and drivetrains manufacturer. Coimbatore, India.

Challenge: a wind turbine gearbox weighing in excess of 100 tons had to be moved with an industrial transfer cart of very small size. The cart could be no larger than 4m x 2.7m for inside and outside use.

Solution: a super-compact, omni-directional, self-loading, motorized platform cartwas designed to transport a total load of 108 tons. The battery-operated cart was radio-controlled with a power autonomy of 5km. Each wheel had its own electric motor and braking system plus hydraulic suspension for imperfect flooring. In addition, the cart was equipped with a raiseable load platform and highly precise brushless electric motors with zero maintenance requirements.


Operating Efficiency Benefits

OMNI motorized platform carts provide great operational benefits across a wide range of industrial sectors. With the capability to move great weights of up to 1000 tons, manoeuvring in limited space, across imperfect and non-horizontal surfaces, with zero environmental impact the OMNI can greatly improve a plant’s operational efficiency.

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