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Precast segmental tunnel lining transporter – 60 t

Morello Giovanni expands and participates in major international projects, with the recent creation of a precast segmental tunnel lining transporter for the Tideway project.
This battery-powered electric trolley is used for the handling, on site, of precast segments intended for the lining of tunnels.
It is a machine that is highly valued by operators, as it is used to transport the segment bars from the storage area to the inside of the tunnel, without the need for rails, without contaminating and without making any noise.
Its high level of maneuverability makes this precast segmental tunnel lining transporter very convenient to use even in the case of narrow spaces.
The electric motorisation, the battery power supply and the absence of a hydraulic system, as well as making it environmentally friendly, mean that it requires very little maintenance, a necessary condition when working within a construction site!
The battery of this precast segmental tunnel lining transporter is lithium ion, as it was necessary to obtain charging of the same in a short space of time, not achievable with the use of classic lead-acid batteries.
The electric self-propelled machine is equipped with appropriate longitudinal supports, suitable to adequately support the precast concrete arches for the tunnellining.
This type of trolley is becoming increasingly popular with contractors who are involved in designing and building tunnels, who until recently tended to use extremely polluting and noisy diesel vehicles and rail vehicles, which are not particularly flexible in a variety of situations.
With regard to the specific project, the Tideway project aims to build a 25 km super sewage system beneath the River Thames by 2024.
Further information on this very interesting project can be found at this link:
Here instead are a number of videos of the project including some of our machines:

Giovanni Morello produces this type of prefabricated segment handling trolley for tunnels and many other customised trolleys to handle any type of material within industries and construction sites. Here are some of our special creations: Battery powered trolley

60 t – 5,400 x 1,700 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 60 t (up to over 1,000 tons on request)
Steering: both steering axles (VC)
Power supply: lithium battery
Propulsion engines: AC
Steering motors: AC
Dimensions: 5,400 x 1,700 mm (other dimensions on request)
Speed: 60 m/min
Battery life: 4 km
Command: radio control
AGV: on request
On request: ATEX / IECEx

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