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Transport car – Capacity 80 t

Our Company has made a customised transport car for transporting large semi-worked forged pieces, with temperatures up to 250°, for the Polish plant of a major multinational company.
Morello Giovanni s.r.l. is a leading company in the design and realisation of customised machinery for handling large loads on wheels within company premises. Thanks to their experience of over 70 years, in the most varied manufacturing sectors, customisation has now become the standard, therefore guaranteeing high reliability even for the most specialised machines.
In order to withstand the high temperatures of the materials to be transported, the transport car is equipped with a loading platform composed of thick tubular parts, which aim to reduce the heat below the loading platform of the car, where the most sensitive components are located.
The special design of the load-bearing frame also enables transport of concentrated loads only on small areas of the platform, thus increasing the flexibility and ductility of the car.
The high 80 ton capacity and the dimensions of the transport car do not affect in any way its ease of use. This battery powered car is in fact easily manoeuvred by radio control equipped with easy-to-use directional joysticks. Latest generation inverters also guarantee an almost perfect control of the electric motors, thus allowing extremely accurate millimetre movements and steering. An LCD monitor mounted on the electrical panel also enables operators to have all the diagnostic information needed for an easy and intuitive use of the transport car.
The battery fitted on board is suitable to work for around 4 hours without stopping and is equipped with airlift technology, for a faster and more efficient recharge.
Morello Giovanni manufactures this type of transport car for the USA, Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Australia and in general worldwide.
Morello produces battery-powered trolleys also with different designs and each electric trolley can be customized on request of the customer in every detail. Here some examples can be seen: Battery powered trolleys

80 t – 6.000 x 3.500 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 80 t (up to over 500 tons)
Steering: ±45° on the front axle
Power supply: airlift lead-acid battery (gel, lithium and others on request)
Traction motors: AC
Steering motors: AC
Dimensions: 6,000 x 3,500 mm (other sizes available on request)
Speed: 40 m/min
Battery autonomy: 5 km
Control: radio control + pendant push button
AGV: on request
On request: ATEX / IECEx

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