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Multidirectional heavy duty mover – Capacity 20 ton

Morello designed and manufactured a multidirectional heavy duty mover with 20 ton payload for an important mechanical Company.
This battery powered trolley is very useful in order to avoid the overhead crane usage to move material around the plant.
It can go under the load, lift it by 200 mm, bring it wherever is necessary and lie it down. Thanks to this feature it is possible to save lot of time, move heavy duty materials in a safer way (avoiding suspended loads) and leave the overhead crane to other tasks.
This multidirectional heavy duty mover is also very practical due to its multidirectional feature. Every wheel’s unit can steer independently so this electric mover can perform any kind of steering: 90° steering (side move), diagonal steering, carousel (steering in its center), compass (turn around a point) and standard Ackermann steering.
Combining self-loading feature to multidirectional one it means to have as much flexibility as possible, since it is possible to use all available space in every moment it is needed, without any compromise.
This multidirectional heavy duty mover is battery powered and it can be equipped with lithium battery, in order to have the best available performances, reducing the charging time to approx. 2 hours (compared to 8 hours of standard batteries).
This particular version is also equipped with AGV feature. Thanks to an optical sensor that can see coloured stripes on ground it can follow the stripes and go ahead in a completely automatic way.
Thanks to all these features this heavy duty multidirectional AGV is much appreciated by customers.
Morello Company produces these battery multidirectional heavy duty mover for USA, Europe, South and Central America, Asia and Australia.
Every electric cart can be customized on customer request in every detail. Here you can find some examples: Battery powered trolleys on wheels

20 tonnes – 3.500 x 2.200 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 20 ton (up to over 500 tons on request)
Steering: omnidirectional
Power supply: lead-acid battery (gel, lithium and others on request)
Drive motors: AC motors
Steering motors: AC motors
Dimensions: 3.500 x 2.200 mm (other dimensions on request)
Travel speed: 20 m/min
Battery life: 5 km
Command: radio remote controller
AGV: on request
On request: ATEX / IEC Ex conform

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