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Morello – heavy duty carts – Problem Solving in 8 steps

Morello in 2020 has an interesting story to tell. The company is actively focused on developing its international clientele and proposing its material handling equipment solutions to companies across diverse industrial sectors. To become a qualified vendor to top tier multinational corporations requires a professional approach to client engagement.

Morello’s Client Engagement team has matured years of experience in developing a structured approach to solving its client’s unique problems. The very nature of the business is in providing bespoke heavy duty carts, each individually constructed and customised to the specifications agreed with a client. This complex make-to-order material handling transportation system must go through a well-defined project definition phase. In addition, due to the nature of the business, Morello has a constant flow of new clients arriving on a monthly basis and it is critical to engage efficiently and propose the right solution and technology for each individual project.

It is worth underlining that as Morello heavy duty carts areemployed to transport extremely heavy loads in extremely different environments the pre-project phase and project definition is as critical as the subsequent project design and build phase. Risk management is always a priority and no machine factors or environmental elements must be overlooked.

Morello has defined its professional approach to Client Problem Solving in its 8 Step Pathway which can be described as follows. This is a structured approach applied over a short time frame to engage the client efficiently and provide an effective project proposal.

Client Problem Solving 8 Step Pathway
  1. The first phase is the initial Client Engagement during which a client will give a general outline of its specific material handling requirements. The team has great experience in discussing the management of heavy loads across multiple industrial sectors. 
  2. Following the initial contact, the Client Engagement team will provide information on Morello’s approach to product customisation, the project management process and its company credentials.
  3. The third phase is the Data Collection stage. In order to make a client proposal it is necessary to gather a series of data regarding the load, the environment, operating conditions, space, and technology considerations. An RFQ document is used as a framework to gather all required data in a structured format. Different industrial sectors face different challenges and all of these must be carefully assessed.
  4. The Data Analysis which follows allows Morello’s client team to assess the client requirements, integrate these with any additional information required and evaluate the most suitable solution to propose to the client. In this phase the Client Engagement team interacts with Morello’s Technical Dept. to review all data.
  5. The fifth stage involves a Technical Information Meeting which may be held either at the client’s site, at Morello’s premises or in conference call if required. During this meeting the Client Engagement team will outline the solutions and options for the client to consider. Based on the output from this meeting there may if required be a follow up meeting to provide further details.
  6. Following this phase Morello will prepare a Commercial Proposal to submit to the client with all required technical details.
  7. In the final stages the client may require final clarification on some details before then proceeding to the Client Project Sign-Off and Purchase Order.
  8. The actual Project Start-Up kicks off with the involvement of the Morello Project Technical Team, selected based on project requirements, and the drawing up of the project milestones and master project schedule.
Worker and Platform Trolley

A key driver of Morello’s international success to date has been its Client Problem Solving process. The professionalism of the teams involved is paramount to creating an effective working relationship with the client’s senior management. Morello manufactures tailor-made heavy material handling technology. The company has built its reputation on its great attention to detail and excellent customer service which are key to welcoming new clients on a weekly basis.

Morello Client Engagement Team:  Amedeo Morello, Luca Tibaldi, Stefano Rizzo

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