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Mold cart handler – Capacity 7 tons

To an important compressor Company, Morello designed and produced a customized semi-AGV mold cart handler used to transport molds and position them on the press in a semi-automatic way. This mold cart has been produced to the customer’s Chinese plant.
This mold cart handler is extremely flexible and can it can move in very narrow spaces thanks to its multidirectional steering. It can steer like a car (normal steering), it can steer its wheels by 90° and move on its side (90° steering), it can rotate on its centre (carousel or 360° steering), it can move diagonally and it can steer around a point on its front or rear side (compass steering). All these steering possibilities allow to the mold cart handler to position itself accurately in front of the press.
In order to be more accurate, the positioning in front of the press is not manual but it is semi-automatic. When this battery powered cart is near the press it can check its position and distance from the press and thanks to a Morello software it can position itself just in front of the press, automatically; the operator has just to keep a button pushed for safety reasons.
This mold cart handler can also push and pull the mold to and from the press. Indeed, it is equipped with a special device able to move molds up to 7 tons.
Together with this trolley Morello supplied even two molds supports. The first support is useful to put on it the mold taken out from the press, so the trolley can take another mold from the second support and put it on the press.
All above features make this Morello mold cart a complete machine, that can be used to handle press molds without the usage of other machines like overhead cranes.
To increase safety this mold cart handler is equipped with n°3 laser scanners. These scanners check the area around the cart and slow down the cart if they see an obstacle and, if the cart come to close to the obstacle, they stop the cart.
This molds cart is fully electric; there is no hydraulic at all, in order to minimize maintenance, increase the accuracy of each operation and to decrease noise and battery consumption.
All design and documentation have been made as per WCM standards.
Morello produces these battery mold cart handlers for USA, Europe, South and Central America, Asia and Australia.
We produce battery powered trolley even with different designs and they can be customized on customer request in every detail. Here you can find some examples: Battery powered trolleys on wheels.

7 tonnes – 2.600 x 2.200 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 7 ton (up to over 100 tons on request)
Steering: omnidirectional
Power supply: lead-acid battery (gel, lithium and others on request)
Drive motors: AC brushless motors
Steering motors: AC brushless motors
Dimensions: 2.600 x 2.200 mm (other dimensions on request)
Travel speed: 30 m/min
Battery life: 5 km
Command: radio remote controller
On request: ATEX / IEC Ex conform

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