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Material handling cart – capacity 40 t

Recently Morello Giovanni has delivered a material handling cart designed especially for an American customer that works in the automotive industry. This cart is used to move moulds up to 40 tons inside the production plant and, thanks to its electric motorization and its battery power supply, it is possible to easily move very heavy moulds inside a warehouse, from one bay to another one and also from one warehouse to another, therefore also travelling in uncovered and asphalted areas.
Exactly owing to the need to travel on asphalted roads with a low permissible ground load, this material handling cart was made with 16 wheels and 4 axle lines, in order to better distribute the load on each axle and on every single wheel.
The cart is suitable for transporting moulds of different weights and dimensions, it is in fact equipped with a load-bearing frame that supports loads that are very highly concentrated and with very small dimensions. A polyethylene plate has also been added to the centre of the loading surface, to avoid damaging the surface of the mould to be transported.
The wheels of this material handling cart are made of non-marking material and guarantee not to leave unpleasant track marks on floors that want to be kept clean.
All axis lines are steered up to 45°, both front and rear and all are connected by an elaborate lever mechanism. Thanks to this type of steering, the steering radius of this material handling cart is extremely reduced, and it is therefore very easy to handle and suitable for moving moulds even in relatively small spaces.
The battery charger like all the components installed on board this mould transporter, is suitable for operating in the USA.
There are several safety features for this cart. The cart is in fact equipped with 4 emergency buttons, 2 laser scanners and anti-crush guards on each external wheel.
A notebook is also supplied, suitable for quick and efficient remote maintenance if needed.
On request, this material handling cart can also be supplied in an AGV model, with a completely autonomous drive, thus further optimizing the company handling processes.
Morello produces battery-powered trolleys also with different designs and each electric trolley can be customized on request of the customer in every detail. Here some examples can be seen: Battery powered trolleys

40 t – 4,800 x 2,200 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 40 t (up to over 500 tons)
Steering: all axle steering
Power supply: lead acid battery (gel, lithium and others on request)
Traction motors: AC
Steering motors: AC
Dimensions: 4,800 x 2,200 mm (other sizes available on request)
Speed: 20 m/min
Battery autonomy: 5 km
Control: radio control + pendant push button
AGV: on request
On request: ATEX / IECEx

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