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Load upender 90° – Capacity 80 ton

Morello designed and manufactured for an important steel mill in Germany, an electro-hydraulic load upender to tilt by 90° steel products.
This kind of machine is becoming increasingly popular in every manufacturing industry with heavy loads to turn. It allows to tilts loads in a quick and extremely safe way, avoiding load suspensions and others hazardous operations.
This electro-hydraulic tilter is very strong made due to the harsh condition in which it has to work in.
For this reason the dead weight of this load upender exceed the 30 tons and the loading decks are covered by a 50 mm steel plate.
This tilter it is not just strong but it also has very good performance. It can turn by 90° 80 tons of steel in just 60 seconds, thanks to n°2 Siemens motors and a total power of 60 kW.
If a motor fail for any reason, it is possible to continue operations with just one motor at half speed.
The tilting is performed by n°4 oversized hydraulic cylinders, powered by an hydraulic unit composed mainly by Bosch Rexroth equipment. The hydraulic unit is equipped with a properly sized tub for oil collection.
This upender can be controlled by a remote controller or by a wired pendant panel.
To guarantee the safety of the workers this load upender is equipped with n° 2 laser scanner with a reading angle of 270°. If a person gets too close to the tilter during operations, the laser scanner detects him and stop the movement.
Morello Company produces these load upenders for USA, Europe, South and Central America, Asia and Oceania.
Every tilter can be customized on customer request in every detail. Here you can find some examples: Upenders / Tilters.

RIB – 90°
80 tonnes – 2.500 x 2.500 x 3.000 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 80 ton (up to over 500 tons on request)
Tilting angle: 90°
Power supply: electric grid
Tilting system: electro-hydraulic (cylinders)
Loading platform dimensions: 2.500 x 2.500 x 3.000 mm (other dimensions on request)
Tilting speed: 60 seconds
Command: wired pendant panel / radio remote controller
On request: ATEX / IEC Ex conform

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