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Ladle transfer cart with loading cells – Capacity 190 ton

Morello designed and manufactured a self-propelled transfer cart to the handling and weighing of a steel ladle in a steel mill in Romania.
The capacity of the cart is 190 tons.
The transfer cart it is designed to resist to high temperatures and to work continuously for all 7 days a week.
It is equipped with n°4 compression loading cells in order to weigh the ladle and the steel in it.
Thanks to our weighing system we’ve reached an impressive weighing precision of +/- 50 kg approx.
The ladle transfer cart is also equipped with argon and compressed air systems.
The software for control and safety of the ladle transfer cart it is designed by us in cooperation with the customer.


190 tonnes – 7.600 x 5.200 mm

Main features:

Power supply: Electric grid (festoon)
Engine: AC motors
Capacity: 190 ton
Dimension: 7.600 x 5.200 mm
Travel speed: 18 m/min with full load
Wheels: N°4 steel wheels
Command: Customer’s PLC and potentiometric radio remote controller
On request: ATEX / IEC Ex / Hazloc conform

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