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Heavy duty pallet truck – Capacity 20 ton

Morello designed and manufactured a heavy duty pallet truck with 20 ton payload for an important company in the energy industry.
Morello is specialized in customized heavy duty transpallets, from 10 ton and over 70 tons. Morello’s transpallets are battery powered and driven by electric motors, even the biggest ones.
Of course, on request, we can design heavy duty pallet truck powered by different energy sources (plant electric grid, diesel engine, …).
The most interesting feature of these battery transpallets for heavy loads is the very low height of their loading deck / forks. Thanks to their design, they can go under a very low steel pallet with a heavy load on it, lift it, and bring it wherever is necessary. This is very useful when it is not possible to use an overhead crane.
This heavy duty pallet truck can lift the load by high quality steel cylinders placed inside the oversized steel frame.
The loading deck can be made by two forks or by a single loading deck, according to customer needs.
The traction and steering are motorized (AC electric motors) and can be controlled by a pendant panel or by a wireless remote controller. In this way the operator can easily drive the heavy duty transpallet, avoiding strenuous operation.
This heavy duty pallet truck have a perfect design to be used as AGV. On request Morello can make them completely automatic with the most suitable AGV technology, according to customer layout. AGV heavy duty transpallet will be increasingly used in all manufacturing industries to reduce material handling costs and increase processes quality.
Morello produces these battery heavy duty pallet trucks for USA, Europe, South and Central America, Asia and Australia.
We produces battery powered trolley even with different designs and they can be customized on customer request in every detail. Here you can find some examples: Battery powered trolleys on wheels

20 tonnes – 3.000 x 1.700 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 20 ton (up to over 70 tons on request)
Steering: ±90° on front axle
Power supply: lead-acid battery (gel, lithium and others on request)
Drive motors: AC motors
Steering motors: AC motors
Dimensions: 3.000 x 1.700 mm (other dimensions on request)
Travel speed: 30 m/min
Battery life: 5 km
Command: radio remote controller
AGV: on request
On request: ATEX / IEC Ex conform

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