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Electric powered carts – Capacity 40 ton

Morello designed and manufactured n°2 electric powered carts for a steel Company in USA.
These battery powered trolleys will be used to transport semi-finished and finished steel products up to 40 tons for each trolley.
They have both front and rear axle steering by 35°, to greatly reduce the steering radius, in order to easily move also in very tight spaces.
These electric powered carts can be easily controlled by a potentiometric wireless remote controller that allows a stepless speed variation and a very high positioning accuracy. It is also supplied a wired pendant controller as a backup, in case of remote controller failure or low battery.
Each electric powered cart has a LCD panel view that shows information on wheels steering angle, failure notices and general status of the trolley.
The loading deck is covered by n°4 removable treated wood beams , used to avoid any damage to the load to transport. On both long sides there are removable vertical beams to contain the load when necessary.
These electric powered carts are powered by a lead-acid battery that allows up to 4 hours of continuous operation. The battery can be quickly changed with a spare one to continuing operations when it is low and need to be charged. On request it is possible to equip these transport carts with bigger batteries to increase autonomy.
Morello Company produces these electric powered carts for USA, Europe, South and Central America, Asia and Oceania.
Every electric cart can be customized on customer request in every detail. Here you can find some examples: Battery powered trolleys on wheels

40 tonnes – 4.000 x 1.550 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 40 ton (up to over 500 tons on request)
Steering: both axles steering
Power supply: lead-acid battery (gel, lithium and others on request)
Drive motors: AC motors
Steering motors: AC motors
Dimensions: 4.000 x 1.550 mm (other dimensions on request)
Travel speed: 20 m/min
Battery life: 5 km
Command: wired pendant panel / radio remote controller
AGV: on request
On request: ATEX / IEC Ex conform

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