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Battery powered electric truck – 40 t

Morello has recently created a battery powered electric truck for handling large loads within industrial plants


In fact, companies all over the world are increasingly faced with the problem of pollution caused by diesel vehicles. The circulation of diesel vehicles within plants is often starting to be prohibited even in outdoor environments. For this reason, many of our customers are converting their handling equipment, even of very large capacity, from vehicles powered by endothermic engines to vehicles with battery powered electric motors.
In particular, many are replacing the diesel trucks they use to move materials from one warehouse to another with battery-powered electric trucks. These electric trucks are also very useful as, in addition to making outdoor transportation more environmentally friendly, they also have the possibility of entering and working inside warehouses, indoors, which diesel trucks cannot do.

Our battery powered electric truck also has some extremely important features, making it a perfect ecological replacement for diesel trucks.
This vehicle is powered by high energy density lithium batteries, which allow extremely fast charging times. In this way autonomy is not a problem, even for companies that work on 3 daily shifts.
This battery-powered truck, thanks to its electric motor, managed by PLC and by the latest generation of inverters, has a very high level of efficiency. This efficiency, combined with the lower cost of electricity compared to the cost of diesel, guarantees an annual savings of thousands of Euros, making this battery-powered electric truck more cost effective, in the medium term, than a truck with an endothermic engine.

Another important feature of this battery powered electric truck is its versatility. Morello is in fact able to customise all aspects of this vehicle. We can make electric trucks from 2 tons up to over 100 tons. We can customise the size and shape of the loading surface according to the needs of the customer and to the load to be moved (in this case the customer needed to transport steel coils so we created special V-shaped saddles to contain the coils). We can also define battery autonomy and truck speed together with the customer. On request we can also ensure the vehicle meets the legal requirements so that it can travel on public roads.
Contact us for a free consultation based on your needs. Morello exports its battery-powered electric trucks around the world!

40 t – 7,600 x 2,500 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 40 t (up to over 100 tons on request)
Steering: front steering axle
Power supply: lithium battery
Propulsion engines: AC
Steering motors: AC
Size: 7,600 x 2,500 mm (other sizes on request)
Speed: 6 km / h at full load (up to 30 km / h on request)
Battery life: 10 km
Control: driver’s cab
Approval for public roads: on request
AGV: on request
On request: ATEX / IECEx

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